Seasonal spankings – compilation

Picture credit: Joe Phillips Tis the season of goodwill to all men, but not necessarily all boys. Santa has his list of who’s been naughty and who’s been nice. Expect a few sore bottoms before the holiday is over. Here are a selection of my stories from Christmases past for you to enjoy for the … Continue reading Seasonal spankings – compilation

Fake News # 14

New Neighbourhood Watch scheme a roaring success Brocklehurst Bugle A group of Brocklehurst residents are claiming a rip-roaring success with their new neighbourhood watch scheme. It came after people in The Avenue, a select street close to Widdicombe Wood, spotted ‘undesirables’ loitering around their houses. “They were mostly older teenaged boys,” Mr Ernie Flynn, 52, … Continue reading Fake News # 14

Fake News at New Year

Five louts birched after New Year’s brawl Brocklehurst Bugle Five louts each received 12 strokes of the birch on their bare buttocks for brawling in the street after a new law came into force at midnight on New Year’s Day. The five, aged between 19 and 21, appeared before Brocklehurst Magistrates on Tuesday. Police Inspector … Continue reading Fake News at New Year

Fake News #13

  Residents welcome new ‘adult school’ EXCLUSIVE Brocklehurst Bugle Residents in a leafy suburb of Brocklehurst have welcomed an “adult school” that has just opened in their street. It is the brainchild of a 65-year-old retired civil servant who calls himself “Mr. Quelch” after the schoolmaster in the famous Billy Bunter stories. He has built … Continue reading Fake News #13

Fake News #12

Dads’ Crusade: Bring Back the Slipper EXCLUSIVE The Daily Globe   Dads across the nation are calling on the government to relax the ban on corporal punishment in the home with the rallying cry: “Bring back the slipper.” It is their response to official figures showing the rise in juvenile-related crime. The say their sons … Continue reading Fake News #12

Fake News #11

Sen. Magistrates Welcome New Judicial Caning Law EXCLUSIVE Brocklehurst Bugle Senior Magistrate Col. CET Thumpington-Smythe of the Brocklehurst Bench has welcomed the new law allowing male offenders up to the age of 40 to be caned on the bare buttocks. Col. Thumpington-Smythe (pictured above) said young men especially needed a severe dose of discipline. He … Continue reading Fake News #11

Fake News #10

Back in Short Trousers at Brocklehurst High EXCLUSIVE Brocklehurst Bugle (Photograph posed by models)   Boys up to the age of eighteen and beyond at Brocklehurst High will be made to wear short trousers as part of their school uniform from next term. It is part of a new disciplinary regime that also sees the … Continue reading Fake News #10

Fake News #9

Sneak housebreaker gets short, sharp shock Special to Standard-Recorder   A young housebreaker got more than he expected for when he snuck into a house in East Mason Creek Thursday. He did not know it was occupied by Art Greer, aged 29, a martial-arts expert, and his brother Harvey, 31. Mr. Greer told the Standard-Recorder … Continue reading Fake News #9

Fake News #8

The Party’s Over for Rowdy University Students EXCLUSIVE Brocklehurst Bugle The party is over for rowdy students whose unruly behaviour disturbs neighbours. A new “Punishment Patrol” taskforce has been launched by Brocklehurst University. For years residents have complained about students making noise late at night by partying, or simply playing loud music. But University authorities … Continue reading Fake News #8

Fake News at Christmas

Santa Claus Irked at Unexpected Productivity Hike Special to Lapland Ledger Santa Claus is reportedly mad at a new directive forcing him to extend his naughty boys’ list to include guys up to the age of 21. ‘It’s outrageous, how can a man his age cope with all that work?’ a spokesperson for Santa told … Continue reading Fake News at Christmas