Max of the ‘Champion’ 2. The deputy editor

Max, a nineteen-year-old junior newspaper reporter, has exposed a rural policeman who unlawfully spanked young men. (see story here). Max did this by tricking the policeman into spanking him on the bare bottom with a hairbrush. Now read on … The pain of the spanking had gone hours ago, but the journey on the train … Continue reading Max of the ‘Champion’ 2. The deputy editor

Max of the ‘Champion’ 1. The policeman

Neighbours peered from behind lace curtains as the policeman propped his cycle near the front gate and carefully untied the string holding the school cane in place on the frame. It was a hot afternoon during one of those glorious summers we used to have years ago. Twenty miles away, the editor of a newspaper … Continue reading Max of the ‘Champion’ 1. The policeman

St Francis Grammar School. Snowballs

Dr Henderson-Smith the headmaster was at his most self-important. Five hundred schoolboys sat in rapt attention. The headmaster, dressed in a rather old-fashioned academic gown, berated his boys. He was a commanding figure, tall, grim, stiff as a ram-rod. His white moustache bristled and his knitted white brows frowned. The headmaster had centre stage and … Continue reading St Francis Grammar School. Snowballs

The apprentices

Anders Schmidt’s heart raced, he re-entered the figures on the spreadsheet, double clicked the mouse and waited for it to update. Sweat was moistening his brow and it was not only because the air-conditioning in the room was not working. In a second the computer screen flickered. Schmidt did not have to look; he already … Continue reading The apprentices

COMING SOON: Max of The ‘Champion’

PC Snodgrass nearly had a heart seizure at the sight of the teenager’s pert bottom inside the smooth cotton of his briefs. The legs and the thighs were the best he had ever seen. The policeman would remember this spanking for a long time to come. He tugged at Max’s pants and directed them to … Continue reading COMING SOON: Max of The ‘Champion’

Father deals with idle student

“I am going to spank you and that is an end to the matter. You can submit yourself and take it with some dignity, or I can call my assistant Rodgers in and he will hold you down. Either way you are getting a spanking.” Simon had expected a call from his father; he knew … Continue reading Father deals with idle student

An encounter

Thwack! The cane bit deep into Dunmore’s bared buttocks. Hisssss! That hurt. A lot. Swipe! A second cut fell. “Ouch!” Mr Pritchard might look like a wizened old man, but he could certainly pack a punch. Dunmore clenched his teeth, clutched the seat cushion of the sofa and braced himself for number three.   A … Continue reading An encounter

The Tyrant Headmaster 3. The prefects’ reckoning

The Tyrant Headmaster Dr Fortescue has set about taming his sixth-formers. Episode one is here. Episode two is here.   Bob Lender looked down at the seat cushion inches in front of his face. It was patterned in greens and browns. Autumnal colours. He concentrated carefully. He needed to focus on something. Such as the … Continue reading The Tyrant Headmaster 3. The prefects’ reckoning

The Tyrant Headmaster 2. A new beginning

Dr Fortescue is the new headmaster at St Septimus Independent Grammar School. It is his first day, but the previous night he had been confronted by a sixth-former in his school uniform drinking in a hotel bar. Now read on. Episode 1 is here Peter Rodriquez was bemused. A junior boy had delivered the message: … Continue reading The Tyrant Headmaster 2. A new beginning

The Tyrant Headmaster 1. The boy at the bar

The man sat hiding behind his newspaper. His second large gin and tonic was nearly drained. Sitting at the bar, his back to the man, was the mysterious boy. He wore a distinctive blue-and-white blazer. He was obviously a schoolboy; almost certainly a sixth-former. The man could just make out the outline of the boy’s … Continue reading The Tyrant Headmaster 1. The boy at the bar