COMING SOON: Mr Hennessey’s boys

Mr Hennessey has a stable of young men who for a price are willing to offer up their backsides to corporal punishment enthusiasts. Meet Howard, Noah, Ethan and Timothy. Starting on Friday 3 June and continuing for the next three Fridays, follow their adventures as they provide their unique service across town.   He stood … Continue reading COMING SOON: Mr Hennessey’s boys

The Spanking Vicar 12. Put back into short trousers

The Spanking Vicar, episode 1 is here The Spanking Vicar, episode 11 is here   The church at Aston Budleigh was always packed on a Sunday. The villagers were God-fearing folk and it was usually standing room only when the Rev Crick was in the pulpit. But, this Sunday despite the crowd one figure stood … Continue reading The Spanking Vicar 12. Put back into short trousers

By order of the court

Mr Creswell paced the length of his front room; it wasn’t a big room and it didn’t take him more than five steps to get from one side to the other. Anxiously he looked at his watch: it was nearly time they should arrive any minute now. Upstairs in his bedroom his eighteen-year-old son waited, … Continue reading By order of the court

The military kid

Nicholas Pierce was out of control. He needed to be reined in. Someone would surely get killed if he wasn’t stopped. Joan and Pete Willis looked out of their bedroom window to the suburban street below. Parked outside the house opposite was a brand new sports car with its nearside light caved in and a … Continue reading The military kid

The Spanking Vicar 11. Tram lines

The Spanking Vicar, episode 1 is here The Spanking Vicar, episode 10 is here The tram pulled into the stop but Craig wasn’t paying attention. The sports pages of the newspaper held his attention. If he had been more alert, he might have gotten away. The automatic doors opened and within seconds slid shut again. … Continue reading The Spanking Vicar 11. Tram lines

The headmaster’s guests

The headmaster and his two guests sat drinking tea in his study. The meeting looked to be a success. They had toured the school and they both seemed very impressed. Perhaps a deal was imminent. There was a tap on the door. Blast, the headmaster silently cursed. He had forgotten all about Thompson. “Excuse me, … Continue reading The headmaster’s guests

The night porter

Arthur wasn’t fit enough to scale the high wall; he knew that, and the beer he had drunk that night wasn’t making it any easier. But, he had no choice. He was late back to College and had missed “gating”: the formal locking-up of the university for the night. He wasn’t the only student in … Continue reading The night porter

Bend over. Touch your toes

Mickey Reilly stared down at the toecaps of his shoes. His fingers stretched to touch the scuff marks. He had been instructed, “Bend over. Touch your toes.” It wasn’t as easy as it sounded. It put a terrible strain on your calf muscles. Reilly knew how to do it. He had been in this position … Continue reading Bend over. Touch your toes

The Spanking Vicar 10. The Cricketer

The Spanking Vicar, episode 1 is here Episode 9, The Scout Leader is here   Thwack!! “Ooooow!” Thwack!! “Aaarghh!” Craig padded down the stairs at the vicarage. Thwack!! Thwack!! Muffled yells came from behind the stout study door. Someone was getting it and Craig was pleased that for once it wasn’t he. The nineteen-year-old secretly … Continue reading The Spanking Vicar 10. The Cricketer

Thieving cousins

  Seth Miller and his cousin Zach stood facing the kitchen wall. Hands on heads, jeans and underwear at their feet; their asses glowing. Zach blinked back tears determined not to cry in front of his cousin. Ernest Miller sat at the table sipping coffee, admiring his handiwork. The dark red marks had already started … Continue reading Thieving cousins