New experiences

Ian closed the door and headed down the walkway towards the stairs. It was cold and he wanted to hurry along to the pub to meet his mates. He passed the window of the flat of his friend Richard and halted. A strange noise echoed from the kitchen. Thwack! There it was again. The curtain … Continue reading New experiences

Their new house

Frankie and his boyfriend Hugo were in the sitting room surrounded by suitcases and cardboard boxes. Their first home together. What times they would have. Things would never be the same again. They had been seeing each other for three years and now they were going to “the next level”, as Hugo put it. Frankie … Continue reading Their new house

Lord Bowinem’s chauffeur

Simmonds carefully manoeuvred the Rolls-Royce motorcar into the garage, switched off the engine and climbed out. He drew a handkerchief from his pocket and rubbed out a smear on the gleaming blue paintwork. He loved driving that car. “Simmonds.” Lord Bowinem spoke firmly. “I wish to speak to you privately. Please go to your room, … Continue reading Lord Bowinem’s chauffeur

The freshman class

Professor Patterson entered the classroom and peered over the top of his rimless spectacles, dazzled by the array of brightly-coloured shirts before him. Another year at Popper State was about to start. Twenty-five open-faced boisterous Psy. students waited excitedly. All new to the university, eager to make friends. Prof. Patterson set his briefcase on the … Continue reading The freshman class

A public service

Tony stared into his Smartphone, a double cappuccino cooling by his side. He crossed his legs, glad that they were hidden beneath the table. The door spun open, the wind howled outside. Al walked across the coffee shop, leant towards him and they puckered their lips together. “What are you reading?” “Something from South Africa. … Continue reading A public service

His big brother is not amused

“I can’t believe you’ve been so stupid, after all I’ve done for you this is how you repay me,” Frank eyed his younger brother disdainfully. “And, you might’ve ruined your whole future, you stupid little …” he trailed off, before his anger got the better of him. Anthony (Ant to his friends, but not to … Continue reading His big brother is not amused

The imp next door

Tommy Tompkins was nineteen years old, going on thirteen, and his neighbour in the house next door thought he was a pain in the arse. He had complained to Tommy’s father, of course. Many times, but his dad just said, “What can you do? He’s nineteen.” “I’ll tell you what you can do,” Mr. Alderson … Continue reading The imp next door

Donald knows his place

Donald knows his place. Oftentimes, it’s across my knees stark naked with his nose close to the linoleum, his legs splayed and his bared buttocks resting against my thigh, with me hammering into his cheeks with my small wooden paddle. Donald is a lout. My church sent him to stay with me. It is my … Continue reading Donald knows his place

He knew the boy would be trouble

Todd Driver knew the boy would be trouble the moment he saw him, that’s why he pulled the car over and offered him a ride. “Where you going?” he leaned through the car window to get a closer look at the hitchhiker. He looked like he hadn’t slept for days. Probably hadn’t changed his shirt … Continue reading He knew the boy would be trouble

The guy in the library

Ollie was standing by the crime shelves at the local library when he first saw him. The Guy. He was over in the non-fiction section, standing on tip-toes, trying to reach the top shelf. The Guy wasn’t short, the shelves were high. Ollie would never be able to describe in words what he saw. That … Continue reading The guy in the library