His eldest brother

“What did you say?” Ritchie stared at his eldest brother in wide-eyed bewilderment. “You heard. Bend over that settee, I’m going to cane your backside.” And to emphasise the point he wobbled the whippy rattan in front of the eighteen-year-old’s face. What the … Where did that come from? Richie had never seen a school … Continue reading His eldest brother

New boy at Albion

Keith was stunned by what the Head Boy held in his hand. He could feel sweat moistening his brow, he bit his lower lip nervously as four pairs of eyes stared at him. “B… b… but …” Keith wanted to say that he didn’t think he’d done anything wrong, but the eighteen-year-old newcomer to Albion … Continue reading New boy at Albion

Bend over. Touch your toes

Mickey Reilly stared down at the toecaps of his shoes. His fingers stretched to touch the highly-polished uppers. He had been instructed, “Bend over. Touch your toes.” It wasn’t as easy as it sounded. It put a terrible strain on your calf muscles. Reilly knew how to do it. He had been in this position … Continue reading Bend over. Touch your toes

Over the headmaster’s knee

I was draped across the lap of the headmaster, my trousers around my ankles, my white pants yanked down, and my bare bottom exposed and waiting for pain. I was eighteen years old and until a few moments earlier had been a senior prefect. That privilege had been taken away – along with my dignity. … Continue reading Over the headmaster’s knee

Waiting for Robert

I am certain that the severe caning I am shortly to give my eighteen-year-old son Robert will do him nothing but good. I know the constant use of corporal punishment is the only way to ensure a boy will properly grow into manhood, knowing the value of respect and obedience. Robert will detest the thrashing, … Continue reading Waiting for Robert

Don’t borrow Dad’s car – encore

Joe smashed his way through the front door, leaving it swinging on its hinges. His fury was real. Just wait until he got hold of his kid brother. “Al! Al!” I know you’re in here!” He raced through the hallway and took the stairs two at a time. “Where are you! Come out where I … Continue reading Don’t borrow Dad’s car – encore

The boy band

“They’re certainly a good-looking bunch of lads,” the concert promotor beamed. “They should go far. I love the short trousers; what’s all that about?” The band’s manager relaxed in his padded chair and raised a half-full beer glass to his lips, drank deeply, and settled back to tell his story. The Dudes were an up-and-coming … Continue reading The boy band

You can never escape from Dad

The ring tone of the phone played again. With trepidation Alan Hawkes glanced at the caller ID. He knew it would be his dad again. It was the third time in an hour. He let the phone ring out. He knew he would have to face his dad sooner or later. But not just now. … Continue reading You can never escape from Dad

Changed Times 6. Birched live on TV

A glimpse into the near future. The series starts here.   The officer stared at the quivering naked buttocks before him. The world was changing. The punishment frame gleamed with its newness. He tried to ignore the camera shooting over his shoulder. He gripped the birch rod tightly and waited for his cue. “Stand by … Continue reading Changed Times 6. Birched live on TV

The new neighbour

It was when the new next-door neighbour said he would pull down Sebastian’s swimming trunks and paddle his backside until it glowed in the dark that he knew there was something strange. Seb was nineteen years old. Mr. Churchill objected to the teenager lounging by the pool in his in his back garden playing loud … Continue reading The new neighbour