Six of the best school stories, book

    In the latest free-to-download book of stories we venture behind the walls of the school. The swish of the rattan and the crack of the paddle resound. Pyjama bottoms are lowered. Men of all ages present their bottoms for chastisement. A prefect shows a new boy at school who is boss and we … Continue reading Six of the best school stories, book

How ‘The Starbirds’ Got Their Break

The four musicians finished their audition and stood around awkwardly waiting for the verdict. Across the room their manager and a concert promoter were in animated conversation. It was 1961 and it seemed every kid was in a band. Most of them were talentless and their members would soon drift off into the real word … Continue reading How ‘The Starbirds’ Got Their Break

The Post Office Thief

Mr Sedgemore pulled his threadbare overcoat tighter around his body as he battled headlong into the wind. A light drizzle was falling and soon his feet would be wet. Unsteadily, he crossed the glistening cobbled street. He would soon be home. His wife would have collected their pensions so they might have the gas fire … Continue reading The Post Office Thief

Troublesome teens. Never too old for a spanking, book

They might think they are adults, but older teens are not. They are still children and they need to act like it. They should respect their parents and obey adults. Without question. And if they don’t? These stories will remind them of the consequences of bad behaviour. A very sore backside indeed.   The pain … Continue reading Troublesome teens. Never too old for a spanking, book

Missed Opportunities

Richard stood by his bedroom door listening. Any moment now the front door would close and he would be alone in the house. He could hear his mother bustling in the kitchen. “Come on, come on,” he was impatient to get on with it. At last, the front door clicked into place. The eighteen-year-old dashed … Continue reading Missed Opportunities

Visit to Uncle Roy

  Roy Denning was very “old school” and “school” was the appropriate word, because he kept three authentic swishy rattan school canes in a drawer in the kitchen and he wasn’t afraid to use them. He knew they were authentic because they had the words “Birmingham Education” inscribed on them near the curved handle. A … Continue reading Visit to Uncle Roy

The Dean of Dorm Discipline book

  The Dean of Dormitory Discipline regularly beat misbehaving students and there was never a weekend when his paddle did not fly through the air. This gave them ample opportunity to swap stories about their spankings and their bruises became badges of honour when displayed in the communal showers. Now, Mitch must pay for his … Continue reading The Dean of Dorm Discipline book

Fr. Pat’s paddle

The Catholic University’s Disciplinary Committee was drawing to a close. It had been a short meeting. Only one case had been heard. The term was over and most students had dispersed to their towns and villages across the Province for the vacation. Moses, a twenty-one-year-old Mass Communications student, was left behind; trapped. He had no … Continue reading Fr. Pat’s paddle

The spanking I thoroughly deserved

The weirdest thing happened to me last week Sunday; my landlord took me across his knee and spanked my bare bottom with a brush very hard indeed – and I let him do it. It wasn’t a fetish thing; you know where people spank each other for sexual kicks; it was discipline – or more … Continue reading The spanking I thoroughly deserved

The boy in the scarlet blazer book

Timothy Hutchins is a young man with a wicked spanking fetish. There is little he can do about it until Billy, the boss of the burger bar where he works, takes him under his wing. Or more truthfully across his knee In this latest free-to-download book, Timothy enters the world of the boy for hire … Continue reading The boy in the scarlet blazer book