That time at Uncle Ron’s

“I’ve had enough of your behaviour. I won’t stand for it, do you hear? It has got to stop.” It was my Uncle Ron speaking. “I’ve told you before. You need to buck your ideas up my lad. Start obeying the rules around here. Or else.” It was 1974, I was eighteen and staying with … Continue reading That time at Uncle Ron’s

You, called home

You sit glumly, as the green fields become first factories, then houses, then offices and shops. The train rattles into the station. Nearly home. Only a short bus ride before you meet up with father. The carriage is nearly empty of passengers, Saturday is not a busy day on the railway at Brocklehurst. You try … Continue reading You, called home

The boy in pink

If the cat hadn’t jumped from the kitchen table and landed on the draining board by the sink disturbing the plates that were drying there, Mr Shankly would never have looked up from his newspaper. “Oh, Suki,” he chortled, “daft cat, getouttaway.” Then he walked over to the sink. He meant to put the crockery … Continue reading The boy in pink

Perils of drink-driving

Angela Davis’ face was ashen and her hands shook as she prepared her husband’s bacon and egg breakfast. Her bottom lip trembled, “He came home late again last night. He’d taken his car. He’d been drinking.” “He” was their nineteen-year-old son Michael, who was sleeping it off upstairs. “John,” Angela choked back tears, “I’m terrified. … Continue reading Perils of drink-driving

Birching in school hall

Adapted from stories in The Magnet   The hushed school hall was packed with boys. Every fellow of every form was there, from sixth-form seniors down to fags of the second form. The prefects were in their places, canes under their arms: the masters, with grave faces: the hapless culprit, quiet and subdued, but with … Continue reading Birching in school hall

Drama in the Housemaster’s study

A theatre play The scene is set in the housemaster’s study at an elite public boarding school. It can be set anytime between the 1930s and the early 1960s but it has to be ‘old fashioned.’ If theatre resources allow the room should have wooden panels. At the very least it must have an old … Continue reading Drama in the Housemaster’s study

At the Ambassador’s residence.

  “Timmy, you really do have the most beautifully spankable bottom.” “Thank you Ambassador.” “It is so pert. Look I can fit one cheek in the palm of my hand.” “Yes, Ambassador.” “Your bottom is so solid. Buns, of steel I think people call them?” “Yes, Ambassador.” “These jeans show you off perfectly. Each cheek … Continue reading At the Ambassador’s residence.

For your own good

When Aunt Sharon told Marcus to get up and go down to the sitting room because Uncle Phil wanted “a little word” he grunted, turned over and pulled the duvet over his head. It had been a late night (early morning actually) and his stomach hurt. Kababs on top of all that beer did that … Continue reading For your own good

His first time

SWISH!! The cane fell in a blurred arc on the firm, pert naked cheeks raised high over the edge of the bed. It only took a second for a thin white stripe to change to a vivid scarlet welt. Air escaped through Michael’s clenched teeth; it sounded like a steam engine settling down. It was … Continue reading His first time

Act your age

Ted and his brother Derek were sipping pints in The Three Fishers. Ted was downcast, he was having trouble with his eighteen-year-old son. “He acts like a little kid. I can’t believe it. He has this catapult. You know like one of those kids in the Beano comic. He smashed a window in Mrs Whittington’s … Continue reading Act your age