A man of honour

Mr Crosby glowered at his nineteen-year-old son, he could hardly keep his temper. “You’ve stolen from me – AGAIN.” He waved his leather wallet in the teenager’s face. “There’s a twenty gone. You’ve taken it,” his face coloured, soon it would be as red as a fine claret wine. “No I didn’t,” the boy cowered … Continue reading A man of honour

You, caught smoking

You stand in the headmaster’s study facing the wall. Hands behind your back, forehead so close it almost touches. This cannot be happening. It’s bizarre. A dream. Nobody would ever believe it if you told them. Behind you and out of sight the headmaster makes his preparations. First he must deal with Barker. Then it … Continue reading You, caught smoking

The boy on the train

Joey peered out the window through moist eyes. His bottom was very tender but most of the real pain had gone now. He gingerly caressed his cheeks with his thumbs and the tips of his fingers. It set the pain off again. Through his thin, cotton shorts he could feel the flesh was like leather. … Continue reading The boy on the train

The rising star wanes

Stephen Spreadbury was twenty-five years old and a rising star at Ponsonby-Meredith. His clean-cut affable demeanour ready smile and his ability to flatter when necessary were a big success with the stockbrokers’ women clients (and it has to be said, quite a few of the men). He made the partnership a lot of money. He … Continue reading The rising star wanes

We need to talk about Jake

Wayne and Sharon Grimethorpe were watching Newsnight on television in the front room of their terraced house in Brocklehurst. “Jake’s late again,” Sharon said to her husband. He didn’t hear her. He was too engrossed in an item about the birching of juvenile delinquents at the new Short, Sharp Shock detention centres. They were going … Continue reading We need to talk about Jake

The Junior Salesman

The Junior Salesman and other workplace whackings THE TWENTY-YEAR-old junior salesman slowly unclasped his belt and unbuttoned his trousers. He pushed them over his hips and let go. From there they slithered slowly down his legs. A breeze from the nearby open window brushed against his naked legs as he awaited the next command. Tyler … Continue reading The Junior Salesman

The Dean of Dormitory Discipline and other university tales — update

Some readers may have had a problem downloading the free e-book Dean of Dormitory Discipline. This link should work. the-dean-of-dorm-discipline-by-charles-hamilton-ii Here are also new links to the other three recently uploaded books The Private Tutor by Charles Hamilton II all-in-the-family-by-charles-hamilton-ii picture-album-by-charles-hamilton-ii

Uncle Dwight has a ‘little word’

I stood up and then I sat down again. I fidgeted for a few moments and then I stood up. I paced across the tiny room. It took no more then five steps. I turned, looked at the clock on the mantlepiece. He was late. I peered out of the window. The sun hadn’t yet … Continue reading Uncle Dwight has a ‘little word’

Nothing ventured, nothing gained

Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Strike while the iron is hot. Sow and you shall reap. There are similar maxims that I can’t immediately recall, but you get my drift. I have believed these for much of my adult life and they have served me well. My story started at the end of summer. I had … Continue reading Nothing ventured, nothing gained

The Choice is Yours

Cuckfield stood feet slightly apart on the worn rug in front of the desk, arms clasped behind back, head bowed, trying not to notice the thick, long curve-handled cane being flexed in the hands of the headmaster. Dr Fortescue leaned forward, his steely gaze burning a hole into the sixth-former before him. “Pah!” he excelled … Continue reading The Choice is Yours