Fake News #8

The Party’s Over for Rowdy University Students EXCLUSIVE Brocklehurst Bugle The party is over for rowdy students whose unruly behaviour disturbs neighbours. A new “Punishment Patrol” taskforce has been launched by Brocklehurst University. For years residents have complained about students making noise late at night by partying, or simply playing loud music. But University authorities … Continue reading Fake News #8

My First Time

I had just turned twenty and was a few weeks into my first “proper” job – as a trainee reporter on a local newspaper. I couldn’t believe my luck when a colleague at work told me there was a room for rent in a large detached house in one of the town’s leafiest suburbs. I … Continue reading My First Time

Better believe in Santa Claus

Little Jimmy Lomas, six years old and a sweet as he could be, sucked the top of his red crayon. Writing to Santa Claus was harder than he thought. He knew what toys he wanted Father Christmas to bring. Mummy had told him to write down a list. Later they would burn it on the … Continue reading Better believe in Santa Claus

The Night Before Christmas

It was the night before Christmas and little Joe was ever so excited. This was the time Santa came to deliver all his presents – and Joe had a very long list indeed. It was late, almost midnight, and he knew he should be in bed, but he couldn’t pass up the chance of meeting … Continue reading The Night Before Christmas

When Santa Claus was caned

Once upon a time there were three Santas. How can this be? I hear you cry. For everybody knows there is but one Santa and he lives on the North Pole. All year round he works tirelessly with his elves making toys. One day a year – on Christmas Eve – he loads up his … Continue reading When Santa Claus was caned

Approved School Santas

Mr. Jossop, the headmaster of Lansbury Approved School for young offenders, peered through his rimless glasses. Mr. Kochinhand, his senior housemaster, was a kindly man, but this was a hare-brained scheme. It was fraught with danger. It was sure to be a disaster. “The Rotary Club are one-hundred-percent behind it, headmaster,” Kochinhand beamed. They would … Continue reading Approved School Santas

Only Three Thieving Days to Christmas

“So here it is Merry Christmas, everybody’s having fun / Look to the future now, it’s only just begun.” Ben McKenzie hated that song. You heard it everywhere in the run-up to Christmas. It was a tradition. They played it all the time at the supermarket where he worked. He couldn’t get the damn tune … Continue reading Only Three Thieving Days to Christmas

The Morning After the Night Before

Steve stood shivering in his vest and underpants. It was the cold. And the anger. Mostly it was his anger. “I cannot believe the way he behaved,” he fumed. “I’ll never hear the end of this.” He pulled on his trousers and a shirt and shuffled into the bathroom. The shower was warm. It dealt … Continue reading The Morning After the Night Before


  Dr Henderson-Smith the headmaster was at his most self-important. Five hundred schoolboys sat in rapt attention. The headmaster, dressed in a rather old-fashioned academic gown, berated his boys. He was a commanding figure, tall, grim, stiff as a ram-rod. His grey moustache bristled and his knitted brows frowned. The headmaster had centre stage and … Continue reading Snowballs

The School Dance

Jay Collins’ cock pulsated against his snug cotton underpants. Just the thought of the girls he would meet that night gave him a terrific hard-on. He stared at the tentpole in his pants. It was no good he would have to polish one off. Quietly, he edged a straight-backed wooden chair towards his bedroom door. … Continue reading The School Dance