What a Disappointment . . .

No sixth-former had ever been caned at my school, so I made history that day. Actually, hardly anyone had been caned in living memory – it was a “progressive” school and I had thought corporal punishment had been abolished a long time ago. But, as I was to find out it had only fallen into … Continue reading What a Disappointment . . .

The Visitor

Albert stood at the twelfth-storey window watching the city below him, sucking on a heavy glass tumbler and half listening to the news wafting from the radio in his lounge room. It’s all doom and gloom, he mused to himself. Why doesn’t anything happy ever happen? The doorbell rang; absent-mindedly he turned the radio down … Continue reading The Visitor

Murph in the Headmaster’s Study

A St Francis Independent Grammar School story. Click here for the full series.   Murph was bent over the desk, awaiting his fate. He had been told to grip the far edge of the desk, so he was stretched across it. His school blazer, shirt and white vest had ridden up his back. His grey … Continue reading Murph in the Headmaster’s Study

Footballer’s Judicial Caning

“One hundred dollar fine; two hundred and fifty dollars to be paid in damages and four lashes of the cane on the bare buttocks. Take him away. Next case.” The twenty-eight-year-old footballer bitterly resented being in this God-forsaken African country. Tony Jeffries was an important name in European soccer and starred in a top club, … Continue reading Footballer’s Judicial Caning

The Poker School

In February 2006 Mr R. A. F. Brightlington-Pugh, a former housemaster at the Ridgeway private boarding school in the west of England, passed away peacefully in his sleep at the age of ninety-seven. Some years later, his great-great-great-great nephew found a leather-bound travelling chest containing diaries he had written during the 1930s and 1940s. This … Continue reading The Poker School

Mr Gregory, the Office Manager

Adrian chewed on his bottom lip and kept his eyes downcast on the carpet. He was not quite sure where to put his hands, so he let them hang loosely at his sides, then he clasped them behind his back the way a member of the royal family does. Lastly, he held his hands in … Continue reading Mr Gregory, the Office Manager

Belted by the Boss

Shane waited outside his employer’s office, he knew that he was likely to be sacked and the police would be called: he would do anything to stop that happening. He had stolen seven pounds from the petty-cash tin and been caught, it was as simple as that. There were no mitigating circumstances; he had wanted … Continue reading Belted by the Boss

First Day At School

A St Francis Independent Grammar School story. Click here for the full series. John Allison walked through the gates of St Francis Independent Grammar School for the first time as a pupil. All around him boys were hurrying along, anxious not to be late. “Hurry along you tykes,” a senior boy, obviously a prefect, called … Continue reading First Day At School

Paul And His Landlord

The sight Paul saw through the bay window of the house pulled him up sharp. There, laid stretched across the stout wooden dining room table with his chubby backside in the air was Charlie, the eighteen-year-old son of Paul’s landlord. And, standing there waving a crooked-handled cane in the air was the landlord himself, Mr … Continue reading Paul And His Landlord

The Padded Armchair

A St Francis Independent Grammar School story. Click here for the full series. Jack Wilks stood about two feet from the padded armchair. At any moment he would be bent across its back, face in the soft cushion with his bottom high for the schoolmaster to whack it with a heavy slipper. He deserved it, … Continue reading The Padded Armchair