Headmasters, Like Elephant’s, Never Forget

Former pupil Kevin Smith returns to St Francis only to find there is painful unfinished business with the headmaster A St Francis Independent Grammar School story. Click here for the full series.   This cannot really be happening; but here I am a twenty-one-year-old newspaper reporter standing in the headmaster’s oak-panelled study about to get … Continue reading Headmasters, Like Elephant’s, Never Forget

Professor Paddle

“It is indeed regrettable that the university failed to make proper provisions for regular corporal punishment as a normal part of academic tuition, but Armstrong and Kitso in your case I can assure you a sound spanking with a stout wooden paddle is very much in order.” The two miserable twenty-year-old students shifted their feet … Continue reading Professor Paddle

Cutting College

Mr Braithwaite closed the car door and strode the fifty yards to his house. A neighbour had phoned him at work to tell him what was going on. He was furious. When he got hold of his son there would be hell to pay. There was his confirmation, even before he had the front door … Continue reading Cutting College

A Teen’s Tale

Was I a typical teenager? I think so. Certainly I was no different from my friends. We couldn’t stand adults; our parents, schoolmasters, the vicar at church. We didn’t think they had much to tell us. We spent a lot of our time just hanging around in groups “having a laugh.” There was a particular … Continue reading A Teen’s Tale

The Untidy Bathroom

Terry must have thought I was joking when I said I would spank his backside if he continued to leave the bathroom in a mess: because he did it again. I was hurrying to get ready in the morning, the way you do, and had to step in puddles of water on the bathroom floor, … Continue reading The Untidy Bathroom

The Sixth-formers

Rodney and Griceforth shuffled down the passageway neither were anxious to arrive at their intended destination. Rodney, dark haired and slim and the smaller of the two eighteen year olds, glanced furtively around him; hoping that nobody would see him. So far, so good; his mission had not yet been detected. Griceforth, taller and thicker … Continue reading The Sixth-formers

The Dean of Dorm Discipline

The sunshine beamed through the window awakening Mitch from his slumbers. Blearily he turned to look at his watch. He had better get a move on, he daren’t miss his appointment. He stretched a little and yawned before pulling the sheet from his body. His mauve and yellow pants bulged and for a few moments … Continue reading The Dean of Dorm Discipline

The Man Across the Hall

The party was jumping; the music blaring, the vodka flowing, the air was thick with dope. Kenny was staggering around holding on to his friends to stay upright. The night was a success and soon everyone would get laid. Kenny’s parents were away on holiday and as the saying goes: while the cat’s away. He … Continue reading The Man Across the Hall

Gaffer of the Academy 2: In the Chill of the Night

    For the full series of The Gaffer of The Academy, click here Picture the scene: An empty classroom, late at night. Outside: dark, cold, snowy. Inside: The Gaffer, wearing his gown; me in my pyjamas, trousers around the ankles, bending over a sloping desk at the front of the room. I had no … Continue reading Gaffer of the Academy 2: In the Chill of the Night

Over the Boss’s Knee

  “What did I say would happen if you were late to work again?” I knew I was supposed to say, “You’d give me a spanking Mr Johnson, Sir!”, but I wasn’t going to give the bastard the satisfaction. But, despite my reluctance to say it out loud there was no doubt I was going … Continue reading Over the Boss’s Knee