Five Bar Gate

  Ralph stood at the bus stop bracing himself against the wind, his thumbs gingerly traced the contours of his buttocks through the folds of his grey short trousers. The pain had almost gone now but if would reignite when he pressed against the six raised welts that ran across his bum in the pattern … Continue reading Five Bar Gate

The Expenses Fiddle

Mr Harkaway shuffled the papers on his desk. Something did not look right. He walked over to the filing cabinet and found last month’s returns. Stupid, stupid, stupid boy! He did not say it out loud as there was nobody in the office to say it to. He had unearthed an expenses fraud. It was … Continue reading The Expenses Fiddle

You! Come Here!

“You!” he glares at me, his mouth snarling. I stand, a shiver running across my shoulders. I peer into the half-darkness. The room is small, sparsely furnished. It is cold. There’s a faint smell of damp walls. My bare feet scratch against on the threadbare carpet. My pyjama jacket hangs loosely, the coarse material itches. … Continue reading You! Come Here!

My First Spanking – Aged 18!

I had just turned eighteen when my granddad took me across his knee to give me my first-ever spanking. He said I needed to be taken down a peg or two. I had been living with him and gran for a few months by then and I had driven the pair of them to distraction. … Continue reading My First Spanking – Aged 18!

Craig Misses Curfew

Craig slowly opened the front door, trying desperately not to make a sound. He was in trouble; he knew that. Big trouble. Maybe he could delay the inevitable for a little while yet. “Is that you Craig, come into my study, this instance!” It was Reverend Crick, his landlord, calling. “Drat!” Craig breathed silently. He … Continue reading Craig Misses Curfew

Toby’s Father Visits

Toby got out of bed early; there was no need to as his father wasn’t due for another two hours, but he had found it impossible to sleep. He hadn’t seen father since he arrived back at university more than two months ago, but now he was making a special trip to visit his son … Continue reading Toby’s Father Visits

The Decorator

Times were hard for youngsters back then. People just assumed that we were lazy dossers. There were no jobs but that was apparently our fault. They slashed the benefits as an ‘incentive’ to get back to work. There was no minimum wage either – we were paid a pittance. But it was that or nothing. … Continue reading The Decorator

The Colonel Takes Control

“Send Master George to me!” Colonel Thompson flexed the cane between his hands thoughtfully. It was an ideal specimen. A crook handled ashplant, fully three feet in length, and as thick as a pencil. It would do the job admirably. Gripping the ashplant just below the handle he swished the cane up and down and … Continue reading The Colonel Takes Control

Saturday School

In February 2006 Mr R. A. T. Brightlington-Pugh, a former housemaster at the Ridgeway private boarding school in the west of England, passed away peacefully in his sleep at the age of ninety-seven. Some years later, his great-great-great-great nephew found a leather-bound travelling chest containing diaries he had written during the 1930s and 1940s. This … Continue reading Saturday School

The Mailman Delivers

Herb Schneider had been a postal worker for nearly twenty years and he thought he had seen it all until one day he stopped to deliver a parcel at the MacDonald residence. Even as he walked up the path he knew something was wrong; he could hear the yells of a young man coming from … Continue reading The Mailman Delivers