By order of the court

Mr Creswell paced the length of his front room; it wasn’t a big room and it didn’t take him more than five steps to get from one side to the other. Anxiously he looked at his watch: it was nearly time they should arrive any minute now. Upstairs in his bedroom his eighteen-year-old son waited, … Continue reading By order of the court

The apprentices

Anders Schmidt’s heart raced, he re-entered the figures on the spreadsheet, double clicked the mouse and waited for it to update. Sweat was moistening his brow and it was not only because the air-conditioning in the room was not working. In a second the computer screen flickered. Schmidt did not have to look; he already … Continue reading The apprentices

The sneak thief’s caning

I was a long way from home on the other side of the world, just travelling like a lot of young people did. I was exploring how other people, different from me, lived; seeing different cultures in the raw, experiencing new things. But I got a bit more than I bargained for the day I … Continue reading The sneak thief’s caning

Footballer’s Judicial Caning

“One hundred dollar fine; two hundred and fifty dollars to be paid in damages and four lashes of the cane on the bare buttocks. Take him away. Next case.” The twenty-eight-year-old footballer bitterly resented being in this God-forsaken African country. Tony Jeffries was an important name in European soccer and starred in a top club, … Continue reading Footballer’s Judicial Caning

Fake News #1

Juvenile Crime Stats. at Record Low Special to Standard-Recorder Police in Mason Creek have a unique way to cut down on juvenile crime. It is fourteen inches long by three inches wide and made of hard maple. The old fashioned paddle is making a comeback. Police Chief Paddy Callaghan said the small community pop. 1,789 … Continue reading Fake News #1

The beach house

Randy breathed in the warm air, summer was on the way at last. It had been a cruel winter with record amounts of snow. But that was then. The top of the car was down, rock music blared from the radio. He was happy as a pig in shit. He was almost there. Another fifteen … Continue reading The beach house

What a jolly jape

“He’s only gone and done it. I can’t believe it, Dougall’s only gone and done it.” Geoff Arkwright’s face fell. Surely, not, he thought, he wouldn’t be so stupid. “He said he would, and by jove he’s true to his word.” Terrence Aspel rushed through the cricket pavilion. His team mates stopped in their tracks. … Continue reading What a jolly jape

An early morning call

It started with a knock on the front door at six in the morning. John Aldermaster had already been up for an hour, seventy-five year olds didn’t need much sleep. He shuffled towards the door. His hip was bad and giving much pain. Another knock, more urgent this time. “Police. Open up please.” His arthritic … Continue reading An early morning call

Rhodesian days

I received the most unexpected email last week Tuesday. A chap was inquiring if I am the Charles Hamilton II. It threw me at first. Could there possibly be another? Well, of course there could be. I am “the second” after all. What he meant was am I the Charles Hamilton II who taught at … Continue reading Rhodesian days

A walk in the valley

It felt good to feel the sunshine on their faces. Fresh, clean air in their lungs. The valley was spectacularly green. Spring. The season of renewal. They stepped lightly, no, they almost skipped, away from the pit village. They had their secret place. Where they could be safe. The coal mines were booming. The war … Continue reading A walk in the valley