The interview

There were four boys sitting on individual cheap wooden, fold-up chairs. They stared down at the heavily scuffed plastic floor tiles beneath their feet. That was when they were not training their eyes at the door with its peeling white paint two metres in front of them. They pretended to one another they were unconcerned … Continue reading The interview

Meet the Greenes

My story today takes place in a typical English village, not far from London. The year is 1926, it is early summer and therefore the sun shines constantly. The Greenes are a typical middle-class family of the time. Mr Greene is a middling stockbroker and commutes to town on the 8.35 train each morning. Mrs … Continue reading Meet the Greenes

A memory in the attic

“Granddad! Granddad!” It was Christine calling from the other room, “Look what I’ve found. It’s you I know it is!” My heart sank. What now! Why couldn’t she just leave me alone. She hurried into the room clutching a small photograph in her hand. Another piece of treasure, or so she thought. She had taken … Continue reading A memory in the attic

It is what it is

I hear you’re twenty-four-years-old and back living with your parents. How did that happen? It is what it is. I went away to university like you do and then got a job but the company went belly up and I couldn’t afford my rent. I’ve got a job flipping burgers but you can’t get a … Continue reading It is what it is

Two naughty boys

To Mr Naughton it seemed like a good idea – and it was for a time. His friend and neighbour came up with it. The problem started with Mr Naughton’s eighteen-year-old son, Benji; he was off the rails. He truanted from school, stayed away from home until all hours of the night and was rude … Continue reading Two naughty boys

Wishful thinking

Dr Duncan Rawlinson, Senior Lecturer in Liberal Studies at Brocklehurst University, sits at his desk, head in hands. His temples throb, his throat is raw. Blood rushes through his arteries, he cannot catch his breath. Oh my God! he gasps, I’m having a stroke. He puts his head between his knees, breathes deeply. In, out. … Continue reading Wishful thinking

Coffee shop memory

I was in town the other day and it was freezing so I went into a coffeeshop to warm myself up with a hot chocolate. It’s not one of those horrible chain shops, this one’s just off the High Street and is a bit run down to be honest. It attracts a lot of young … Continue reading Coffee shop memory

A night on the tiles

“When Mr Winston comes in send him immediately to my study.” The words were spoken imperiously by an elderly gentlemen with a sharp, deeply-lined face, and narrow slit eyes. Robbins, the butler, knew from his master’s tone that Mr Winston Cardew had in some way violated his father’s authority. With a sedate, “Yes, sir,” Robbins … Continue reading A night on the tiles

The ritual

You sit on the edge of your bed and wait. You are very calm, you know exactly what’s about to happen. You are wearing your blue-and-white-striped pyjamas. Usually, you sleep naked, but this time the jim-jams are not for sleeping in. The room is cool although it is the middle of summer. Minutes pass; you … Continue reading The ritual

His new job

Mr Conan, the senior partner of Conan and Connelly, the well-known scholastic agency, was a large, gregarious fellow with a bulbous nose and several chins that wobbled each time he moved his head. His fleshy jowls trembled as he clutched his fountain pen and held it over a lined secretarial pad. “Your name, sir.” I … Continue reading His new job