Never Too Old

“Stand up straight boy.” “Take your hands out of your pocket.” “Take that look off your face.” I wasn’t used to this. Usually, when a boy stood on the carpet facing my desk, he was contrite. “Yes sir. No sir. Three bags full sir.” But, not this boy Rawlinson; he was as cocky as they … Continue reading Never Too Old

University Student Late for class

“If you are late for class again, I shall take down your trousers, put you across my knee and spank you on your underpants.” “Excuse me?” the twenty-three-year old university student, blushed to his roots. Around him his classmates tried to suppress giggles. “You heard, me,” Dr Anderson snarled, “I shall take you across my … Continue reading University Student Late for class

The First Day of Term

Andrew picked up his short trousers from the shelf in the changing room. They were properly short shorts, the kind that just about covered his underpants with at best only two inches of leg. They were grey flannel and immaculately laundered and pressed so that he could have cut his finger on the crease down … Continue reading The First Day of Term

Lazy Students Home for the Hols.

Mr Howard wasn’t prepared for what he saw through the lounge window of his friend and neighbour. Nineteen-year-old Tristian Miller stood facing the corner of the room, his hands on his head in the classic ‘naughty boy’ position. His jeans were at his ankles and his multi-coloured briefs were bunched up just below his buttocks. … Continue reading Lazy Students Home for the Hols.

Rules of the House

Joe Winterbottom was a middle-aged divorced man and he enjoyed a comfortable life in the suburbs; until his idle, disobedient, waste of space son, came to live with him. Joe was happy to be divorced and even happier when his son Martin went to live with his mother. She could keep him, as far as … Continue reading Rules of the House

High School Reunion

When I first heard about the 10th anniversary reunion at my old High School I wasn’t interested, until I remembered Mr Sorensen and his goddam paddle. Things went well for me after I graduated. I went to college and qualified as a plumber and worked at that for a couple of years until I got … Continue reading High School Reunion

Housemaster’s Double Caning

A St Francis Independent Grammar School story. Click here for the full series.   “Da Silva in here now,” I heard the order barked out knowing my time had come, so I opened the door and entered the lion’s den. I had been summoned to this room many times before. Nothing had changed since my … Continue reading Housemaster’s Double Caning

Keynes College Caning Case

Chief Inspector Morose gulped on his fourth pint as he studied the written report in his hand. Another killing at a college. Oxford would soon surpass those villages at Midsomer as the murder capital of the world. Just then Sergeant Lois hurried into the pub. Morose hated working with a girl but these were modern … Continue reading Keynes College Caning Case

A Robust Response

I am a fair man, a man of the world. I understand the temptations of the young. I know it is a rocky road to adulthood. I have myself suffered temptations. When I was a teenager I knew desire. I knew what it was to long for the clear skin of other boys, lust over … Continue reading A Robust Response

How Many Strokes Will it Be?

Newbury wondered how many strokes it would be. He stood to attention, heart beating far too quickly, watching through rapidly blinking eyelids as the headmaster made his preparations. Dr Fortescue had been at the school less than two weeks. Already the boys had Christened him The Tyrant Headmaster. Newbury sucked in a lung full of … Continue reading How Many Strokes Will it Be?