The vicar delivers

Darren’s mouth gaped open when the vicar strode to a cupboard and took from it a whippy school cane which he swished through the air a couple of times before intoning, “Bend over that chair.” “B.. b.. but,”  he stammered. “Do it now, I don’t have all day,” the vicar swished the cane once more. … Continue reading The vicar delivers

Fake News # 14

New Neighbourhood Watch scheme a roaring success Brocklehurst Bugle A group of Brocklehurst residents are claiming a rip-roaring success with their new neighbourhood watch scheme. It came after people in The Avenue, a select street close to Widdicombe Wood, spotted ‘undesirables’ loitering around their houses. “They were mostly older teenaged boys,” Mr Ernie Flynn, 52, … Continue reading Fake News # 14

Yellow Pages spanking

Gerry opened his eyes wearily. His head pounded and his tongue was stuck to the roof of his mouth. His shoulder ached from sleeping on the floor all night. Across the living room, blinking back at him was a boy about his own age. “Who are you?” The boy rose to a sitting position, “Who … Continue reading Yellow Pages spanking

The housebreaker

He had spied on the large detached house for some time and was certain it was unoccupied; and rich for the pickings. Making sure he wasn’t seen by anyone in The Avenue he hurried across the road and dodged behind the hedge. Now, hidden from the view of passers-by, he made a beeline for the … Continue reading The housebreaker


“Right lad. Let’s get you spanked and sent to bed.” Jackson looked at me from the vantage point of his chair. He was trying to grimace, to look grim. His moon face gave him away. He couldn’t hide the smirk, he was enjoying this too much. “Take down your pyjama bottoms and bend over my … Continue reading Jackson

Encounter with the vicar

When the vicar spanked me on my bare bottom I don’t know who enjoyed it more, me or him. My friend Lenny and I were in our early twenties and secretly used his churchyard for our couplings. I don’t know if we were in “love” or it was simply “lust”, but our relationship gave both … Continue reading Encounter with the vicar

Henry Pottinger’s souvenirs

Henry Pottinger let the suitcase fall onto the bed. It was lighter than he had remembered. The accumulated dust of years – no, decades – was undisturbed. It was small and battered and made of stiff carboard. They didn’t make suitcases like that anymore. Utility, they had called it. Cheap, no frills. Like so many … Continue reading Henry Pottinger’s souvenirs

Proud of my son

I would be the first to tell you how proud I am of my son Tyler. He’s at university now, and I am certain he has a fine future ahead of him. Of course, like all nineteen-year-olds he is far from perfect. Often he thinks the world resolves around him. He can be self-centred and … Continue reading Proud of my son

Will life imitate art?

Mr and Mrs Pettit thought they had found the perfect solution to their problem. It was so simple really. What could possibly go wrong? They thanked their lucky stars. Now, they just had to convince their son Ant. The thing was Mr Pettit had been promoted by his company to become a regional director. He … Continue reading Will life imitate art?

Celebrity encounter

Walter’s eyes shone with excitement as he bent forward to pick the letter off the doormat. The BBC. The British Broadcasting Corporation. He had replied. He had written back. He slipped the letter into the inside pocket of his blazer and ran up the stairs back to his bedroom. He hadn’t told his parents about … Continue reading Celebrity encounter