The Tyrant Headmaster 3. The prefects’ reckoning

The Tyrant Headmaster Dr Fortescue has set about taming his sixth-formers, Episode one is here. Episode two is here.   Bob Lender looked down at the seat cushion inches in front of his face. It was patterned in greens and browns. Autumnal colours. He concentrated carefully. He needed to focus on something. Such as the … Continue reading The Tyrant Headmaster 3. The prefects’ reckoning

Memories of Dad’s slipper

He gestured that I should stand close to his right hand side. I shuffled forward a pace or two into position. “Take down your jeans, please.” Without complaint, I did as instructed. My hands trembled more than I thought they should as I unbuckled my belt, unfastened the two buttons at the waistband and the … Continue reading Memories of Dad’s slipper

Rory and Alistair – part 1

Rory MacDonald eased down the handle of the dormitory door with his elbow. His arms were full of cricketing gear and he feared one of the bats was about to tumble to the ground. He was sweltering in the ninety-degree heat. Would this heat-wave never end? In an ungainly fashion he had the door open … Continue reading Rory and Alistair – part 1

Father deals with idle student

“I am going to spank you and that is an end to the matter. You can submit yourself and take it with some dignity, or I can call my assistant Rodgers in and he will hold you down. Either way you are getting a spanking.” Simon had expected a call from his father; he knew … Continue reading Father deals with idle student

Landlord is sick of the lodger

I lay flat on my back in bed, staring at the ceiling, the ache in my pulsating cock driving me crazy. The strain against my already tight underpants was intense. It was Sarah, the girl with the big tits who serves in the Three Fishers. I couldn’t get her out of my mind. My face, … Continue reading Landlord is sick of the lodger

The Private Tutor — part 1

“I told your father that I would employ traditional teaching methods,” he said reaching into his canvas bag and withdrawing a wooden paddle. “And, that means corporal punishment.” He rolled the words “corporal punishment” around his mouth with some relish, enjoying every syllable. He held the paddle by the handle and waved it close to … Continue reading The Private Tutor — part 1

The boy at the photocopier

I saw him only once at the photocopier and I could never get him out of my mind again. I was working on some report or other and casually looked up from my desk. He was at the other end of the open-plan office copying documents. I only saw him from the back. It was … Continue reading The boy at the photocopier

Just a little weed

Mr Tripper pulled the car gently through the gates and slowly headed to the house. The afternoon was hot, just a bit too hot. Even with the air conditioning at full blast, his scalp itched with sweat. It did nothing for his mood. He came to a halt and switched off the purring engine. He … Continue reading Just a little weed

Don’t bully our mum

Barry had just ended the phone call. It was his mum. She was in great distress. She hadn’t stopped crying. It was because of his kid brother Don. Barry paced the room, he could feel the anger rising inside of him. It was his responsibility. He was the man of the house, even though he … Continue reading Don’t bully our mum

Unfinished business

Mr Percival Audrey the headmaster sipped thoughtfully on his tea and nibbled at a Rich Tea biscuit. A small story in the local newspaper had caught his attention. Anthony Hastings, aged 27, had joined a firm of solicitors in Brocklehurst. He was returning to his home town. Hastings had been a pupil at St Francis. … Continue reading Unfinished business