Home for the half term

“Go to the dining room young man and wait for me there, maybe what you need is an old fashioned spanking worthy of a lad half your age.” Feeling very ashamed Roland went downstairs, fully expecting that even at the age of eighteen he would be caned by his father. Father had made his views … Continue reading Home for the half term

Winker Wilson’s visit

Mr Walter “Winker” Wilson exited the London Underground station and blinked in the early evening sunlight. It was September and the weather could not decide if it was yet autumn. A gusty breeze welcomed him as he joined the crowds on the High Street. It was not cold enough for an overcoat, but he had … Continue reading Winker Wilson’s visit

The Spanking Vicar 7. One off the wrist

Rev Crick has three young university students staying with him as paying guests. In part one his latest lodger nineteen-year-old Craig was caned for his idleness during the past year. In part two, he learnt that the vicar does more on a Sunday than preach sermons. Now, Tommy, another lodger, discovers Rev Crick keeps a … Continue reading The Spanking Vicar 7. One off the wrist

Brad, the spanking-movie star

Brad Maguire was to become the star of spanking movies; but first he had to go over his boss’s knee. It started the day I first met Billy at the burger bar. I had a part time job there: mostly I worked Saturdays because I was still in my final year at school. Billy was … Continue reading Brad, the spanking-movie star

The paying guest

Johnny should have realised there was something odd about Gleves the first time he visited him. The clue was the books on corporal punishment in his study. It was midsummer and Johnny had been sleeping rough for months after he escaped down south from Doncaster. Things had not gone well. He had no job, nowhere … Continue reading The paying guest

COMING SOON: More adventures of The Spanking Vicar

Tommy, naked except for a pair of green briefs, cowered away in fear. He had seen Rev Crick in foul moods before, but he had never witnessed anything like this. His fear turned to terror when Crick grabbed him by the hair and hauled him out of bed. Within seconds they were out the door … Continue reading COMING SOON: More adventures of The Spanking Vicar

The TV repairman

Ding, dong! Ding, dong! The front doorbell rang. Damn and blast! Sanderson, the aging bachelor, cursed silently in the kitchen. He was up to his elbows in flour and dough. It must be the television repairman. He’s late; he promised to be here hours ago. Workmen, damn them, they’re so unreliable. His paying guests had … Continue reading The TV repairman

The cheating student

In my story The Helpful Neighbour, Part 1, I told you about two of my university students who cheated on an assignment. There was nothing much I could do about it. It’s almost impossible to discipline students these days. If I had my way they would have been across the desk in my office with … Continue reading The cheating student

The helpful neighbour, part 2

  The helpful neighbour, part one is here   I gripped hold of the clothes brush and stormed up the stairs towards Oliver’s room. I had called him for breakfast twenty minutes ago, but the lazy brat was still in bed. I’d warned him about this before. I burst through the door. I had surprise … Continue reading The helpful neighbour, part 2

The helpful neighbour, part 1

My neighbour Peggy was distraught. Tears flowed steadily down her cheeks. Her hands trembled as she tried to raise the teacup to her lips. She was at her wits end. What could she do? I knew some of the story already. Along with most people in the street probably I had been kept up until … Continue reading The helpful neighbour, part 1