The Dean of Dorm Discipline

The sunshine beamed through the window awakening Mitch from his slumbers. Blearily he turned to look at his watch. He had better get a move on, he daren’t miss his appointment. He stretched a little and yawned before pulling the sheet from his body. His mauve and yellow pants bulged and for a few moments … Continue reading The Dean of Dorm Discipline

The vicar and the gay boys

When the vicar spanked me on my bare bottom I don’t know who enjoyed it more, me or him. My friend Lenny and I were in our early twenties and secretly used his churchyard for our couplings. I don’t know if we were in “love” or it was simply “lust”, but our relationship gave both … Continue reading The vicar and the gay boys

The padded armchair

Jack Wilks stood about two feet from the padded armchair. At any moment he would be bent across its back, face in the soft cushion with his bottom high for the schoolmaster to whack it with a heavy slipper. He deserved it, of course. He knew that: he had no argument. The rule was simple … Continue reading The padded armchair

Yellow Pages spanking

Gerry opened his eyes wearily. His head pounded and his tongue was stuck to the roof of his mouth. His shoulder ached from sleeping on the floor all night. Across the living room, blinking back at him was a boy about his own age. “Who are you?” The boy rose to a sitting position, “Who … Continue reading Yellow Pages spanking

Theft of petty cash

Shane waited outside his employer’s office, he knew that he was likely to be sacked and the police would be called: he would do anything to stop that happening. He had stolen seven pounds from the petty-cash tin and been caught, it was as simple as that. There were no mitigating circumstances; he had wanted … Continue reading Theft of petty cash

The rooming house

Roger stared at the ceiling. It was a freezing cold night but he was snug and warm under the blankets. Cautiously he ran his fingers across the welts that criss-crossed his buttocks. The pain had gone now, but one or two were still tender when he touched them. Perce, his boyfriend, lay by Roger’s side, … Continue reading The rooming house

Pyjama bottoms down. Bend over

I was sitting in my oak-panelled study waiting for Tomkins of the Sixth to report to me. He didn’t know it yet, but I was going to give him twelve on the bare. He needed to learn a lesson and I was the one to teach it. I luxuriated in my armchair reading the evening … Continue reading Pyjama bottoms down. Bend over

Kevin revisits his old school

Former pupil Kevin Smith returns to St Francis only to find there is painful unfinished business with the headmaster This cannot really be happening; but here I am a twenty-one-year-old newspaper reporter standing in the headmaster’s oak-panelled study about to get six-of-the-best. The very best. My name’s Kevin Smith and I work for the Brocklehurst … Continue reading Kevin revisits his old school

Lazy students home for the hols

Mr Howard wasn’t prepared for what he saw through the lounge window of his friend and neighbour. Nineteen-year-old Tristian Miller stood facing the corner of the room, his hands on his head in the classic ‘naughty boy’ position. His jeans were at his ankles and his blue-and-white checked briefs were bunched up just below his … Continue reading Lazy students home for the hols

The military camp

Lieutenant-Colonel Toby Masterton looked the boy straight in the eyes. “Your behaviour has been contrary to good military discipline. You will now drop your trousers, bend over and touch your toes.” Eighteen-year-old Sapper Alan Barrett had been returning his commander’s stare impassively; but now his eyes sparkled as the seriousness of the situation sank in. … Continue reading The military camp