The glorious summer

It was the most beautiful summer Crispin and Alfie had ever experienced. Eighteen years old with their whole lives ahead. School was over; soon they would go up to the varsity together. Life was bliss. Crispin usually took the lead; in life as well as in the punt. Alfie was very content to follow in … Continue reading The glorious summer

Paying the rent

Rik hid behind the curtain and gazed into the garden below. His neighbour Ste lifted his shirt over his head; he was about to lay in the sun. Rik’s cock stiffened at the sight. What a body, a six-pack to die for. Not a spare gram of fat anywhere. Ste was now nearly naked; only … Continue reading Paying the rent

Changed Times 7. Pub landlord

A glimpse into the near future. The series starts here.  The landlord Kevin saw me heaving my shoulder against the heavy saloon bar door. “You’re barred!” he shouted from across the empty room before I even stepped across the threshold. He meant it too. I stood bemused. The bar was deserted apart from we two. … Continue reading Changed Times 7. Pub landlord

The Chamber pot incident

The headmaster sat back in his plush leather chair contemplating the boy standing on the other side of his huge walnut desk. Perry Dexter, aged eighteen, nearly six-feet tall, a senior sixth-former, captain of cricket, a prefect. And a thoroughly silly boy. Dexter wore a white shirt, green-and-black striped tie and mid-grey short trousers. He … Continue reading The Chamber pot incident


A group of them were talking in the pub. The beer was flowing. There was only one topic of conversation. Those bloody kids. The ones who congregated around the bus stop at night. Giving innocent folk grief. “Have you seen the graffiti? The swear words?” “They drink strong cider, then piss it up all over … Continue reading Vigilantes

Pyjama bottoms down. Bend over (again)

  A version of this story from the housemaster’s point of view is here James “Tommy” Tomkins stepped into his pyjama bottoms, pulled the drawstring tightly and then tied a double bow. With some resentment he leaned over the bed and picked up the striped jacket. He found the arm holes and climbed in. He … Continue reading Pyjama bottoms down. Bend over (again)

My boy Dixon

I am more than three times as old as Dixon. I was thinking this the other night as we lay in bed. He had given me the most exquisite blow-job. It made my eyes pop. I had slippered his bare bottom so long and so hard it had the consistency of leather. We meet up … Continue reading My boy Dixon

Spanked by my uncle: who enjoyed it the most?

When my uncle put me across his knee and spanked my bare bottom I don’t know which of us enjoyed it more, him or me. I come from a strange family. Mum was one of ten children. Ten! Poor gran; she must have been exhausted the whole time. I bet granddad had a whale of … Continue reading Spanked by my uncle: who enjoyed it the most?

I feel like I’ve sat on a barbecue

  “I don’t know about you, but my arse feels like I’ve sat on a barbecue,” Nathan looked ruefully at his friend. His own trousers were at his knees and he held on to the elasticated waist of his underpants as he tugged them away from his body to inspect his savaged buttocks. “Yeah, Old … Continue reading I feel like I’ve sat on a barbecue

Step-dad’s little trick

The postman leaned his bike against the garden fence and pulled a packet from his bag. It had puzzled him all morning. What could it be? It was a peculiar shape: nearly four feet long and four inches wide. It was encased from one end to the other in adhesive parcel tape. It hardly weighed … Continue reading Step-dad’s little trick