Fake News # 14

New Neighbourhood Watch scheme a roaring success Brocklehurst Bugle A group of Brocklehurst residents are claiming a rip-roaring success with their new neighbourhood watch scheme. It came after people in The Avenue, a select street close to Widdicombe Wood, spotted ‘undesirables’ loitering around their houses. “They were mostly older teenaged boys,” Mr Ernie Flynn, 52, … Continue reading Fake News # 14

Fake News #11

Sen. Magistrates Welcome New Judicial Caning Law EXCLUSIVE Brocklehurst Bugle Senior Magistrate Col. CET Thumpington-Smythe of the Brocklehurst Bench has welcomed the new law allowing male offenders up to the age of 40 to be caned on the bare buttocks. Col. Thumpington-Smythe (pictured above) said young men especially needed a severe dose of discipline. He … Continue reading Fake News #11

After the party

The parent-teacher association Christmas party was in full swing in the school hall. Wine was being glugged and cheese snacks nibbled. Adam and Steve, senior prefects and bastions of St Simon’s Independent Grammar School, their hosting duties nearly at an end, hurried away from the festivities. “Quick, in here,” Adam opened a classroom door and … Continue reading After the party