The troublesome lodger

Bill Robinson lay flat on his back in bed, staring at the ceiling. His Morning Glory was straining against the front of his tight yellow briefs. It was a girl he had met last night. He never got anywhere with her, but he could dream. He turned on his side, reached into the bedside cabinet … Continue reading The troublesome lodger

The students next door

Mr Richardson looked idly through his bedroom window. From there he could see into next door’s back garden. Laid face down, stretched out on a beach towel was one of the brats who lived there. He wore only skimpy tight swimming trucks. Even from a distance Mr Richardson could see the teenager had plump round … Continue reading The students next door

The thieving window cleaner

Denzil carefully rested the ladder against the windowsill, taking care not to hit the pane of glass. He was getting quite skilled at this now. He tested the ladder to make sure it was steady, then he gripped the bucket of water and ever so carefully he climbed. Denzil hated his job. Well, it wasn’t … Continue reading The thieving window cleaner

My father’s legacy

When my father died suddenly I inherited his large house in the English countryside. I also inherited the four young men who lived there as “paying guests.” I was never close to my father. I was conceived as a “mistake” and in those days couples paid for their mistakes with forced weddings. It didn’t last … Continue reading My father’s legacy

First day at St CIGS

Richard Rae was petrified by his new school, everything about it scared him senseless. It was a living nightmare. Sometimes he thought he must have died and gone to hell. Richard was eighteen and in the sixth form. His family had just moved to town after dad was promoted to bank manager. Richard knew nobody … Continue reading First day at St CIGS

Late home from a date

Glyn pressed his foot on the accelerator and glanced anxiously at the clock on the dashboard. It said 11.45 p.m. Surely, it must be fast. Where had the time gone? He had promised Mary’s father they would be home by 10.30. They were in trouble; big trouble. It was worth it, Glyn thought. The front … Continue reading Late home from a date

Rory and Alistair 4: Young Ferguson

Rory and Alistair could never conform to boarding school life with its countless rules and regulations. Get up at seven, bed at nine-thirty. Don’t do that; don’t go there. The two eighteen-year-olds were more suited to the life of the boys in town. They were oddities at the school. They were both in their final … Continue reading Rory and Alistair 4: Young Ferguson

The milk bottle thief

James Danvers left his home in The Avenue at six-thirty on the dot every morning. His house was unexceptional in every way, just one more suburban box in a street composed of identical suburban boxes. His journey to the newsagent took about five minutes.  He bought a copy of the Daily Express and then he … Continue reading The milk bottle thief

The Tyrant Headmaster 4. Smoking on Saturday

The Tyrant Headmaster Dr Fortescue has set about taming his sixth-formers. Episode one is here. Episode two is here. Episode 3 is here “Bend over.” “Further.” “Touch your toes boy.” Mike Upton really resented this. He was in his housemaster’s study preparing to take six-of-the-best and he hadn’t broken any rule. And he was eighteen … Continue reading The Tyrant Headmaster 4. Smoking on Saturday

Summer holiday camp

Tony Addison stepped down from the bus clutching his cardboard suitcase. It was a typical English summer’s day: it would probably rain later. He crossed the road and hesitated under the entrance sign: Hopkins Holiday Camp. He gulped down a lungful of air. Ozone from the sea tickled his nostrils; a gull hovered motionless above … Continue reading Summer holiday camp