An encounter

Thwack! The cane bit deep into Dunmore’s bared buttocks. Hisssss! That hurt. A lot.  Swipe! A second cut fell. “Ouch!” Mr. Pritchard might look like a wizened old man, but he could certainly pack a punch. Dunmore clenched his teeth, clutched the seat cushion of the sofa and braced himself for number three.   Twenty … Continue reading An encounter

Professor and the fresher student

“Go and stand by that chair,” the professor instructed the boy as he strode to a desk. The student stood his ground, apprehensively watching as the professor pulled open a drawer and began to fish inside. In no time, he pulled out a well-waxed cane and turned to the boy. “I said stand by the … Continue reading Professor and the fresher student

Naughtiest boy in the school?

Roland was bent over, hands placed firmly on his hairy knees, legs planted apart, staring down at the shiny, highly-polished tan floorboards. His mid-grey trousers were in a puddle at his feet, hiding his scuffed black lace-up shoes. His green-and-gold-striped tie dangled in front of his face. Roland could have been the naughtiest sixth-former at … Continue reading Naughtiest boy in the school?

When Santa Claus was caned

Once upon a time there were three Santas. How can this be? I hear you cry. For everybody knows there is but one Santa and he lives on the North Pole. All year round he works tirelessly with his elves making toys. One day a year – on Christmas Eve – he loads up his … Continue reading When Santa Claus was caned

The parent-teacher party

The parent-teacher association Christmas party was in full swing in the school hall. Wine was being glugged and cheese snacks nibbled. Adam and Steve, senior prefects and bastions of St Simon’s Independent Grammar School, their hosting duties nearly at an end, hurried away from the festivities. “Quick, in here,” Adam opened a classroom door and … Continue reading The parent-teacher party

Every Wednesday afternoon

“Take off all your clothes, fold them neatly and put them on my desk.” The young man stared ahead blankly. His body was in the office, but his thoughts were somewhere else. Mindlessly, he reached for his wine-coloured necktie and pulled it apart. He set it down on the desk. The man behind the desk … Continue reading Every Wednesday afternoon

Seasonal Spanking Stories

Seasonal Spanking Stories, a compendium of corporal punishment tales, written especially for the upcoming holidays, available to download free of charge. Nine tales, many never previously published, will warm the cockles of your heart – and other places besides. How was it that three Santas were caned? What happened when a group of delinquents from … Continue reading Seasonal Spanking Stories

A glint in the eye

The first time I saw the boy was one Saturday at Rowley’s hardware shop just off the High Street. He was coming out of the store. He was a store assistant and wore the company uniform of pale grey trousers, white shirt and plain navy blue tie. Pinned to his shirt was a name tab: … Continue reading A glint in the eye

Illicit drinking buddies

“So what do we do with the two of them?” “Well, my one’s getting a hard spanking that’s for sure?” “Spanking? But they’re both eighteen. They’re too old for spanking, surely?” “The Church says they are not adults until they are twenty-one. And, as long as Jacob lives in my house, he abides by Church … Continue reading Illicit drinking buddies

A shelf full of e-books

Hi Guys,  We have just welcomed our 250,000th viewer to this spanking stories site and more new readers are joining us all the time. Thank you all and I hope you are enjoying what you find here. There are getting on for 250 stories here now.  Just for fun, I have put together selections of … Continue reading A shelf full of e-books