Caught in the act

ADVISORY: This  tale is a little darker than the ones I usually tell – Charles Mitch’s head pounded and his throat hurt but at least the room had stopped spinning. Who was the beautiful naked boy in bed beside him? He had a name. Tim? Jim? He couldn’t remember. He was sure it was something … Continue reading Caught in the act

The boom-box boy

We had a lovely summer’s day last week and you don’t get many of those in Brocklehurst so I decided to make the most of it and lounge out in the garden, fortified by some gin-and-tonic and an ice bucket. Imagine my annoyance when after about five minutes of catching the rays, I was assaulted … Continue reading The boom-box boy

The rent collector

The first thing you need to do is drop the attitude. You are in deep trouble, and you know it. You must have thought I was joking when I said I’d spank you if you didn’t come up with the rent. Well, you owe four weeks now, so you’d better start handing it over. Haven’t … Continue reading The rent collector

The apprentices

Anders Schmidt’s heart raced, he re-entered the figures on the spreadsheet, double clicked the mouse and waited for it to update. Sweat was moistening his brow and it was not only because the air-conditioning in the room was not working. In a second the computer screen flickered. Schmidt did not have to look; he already … Continue reading The apprentices

The sneak thief’s caning

I was a long way from home on the other side of the world, just travelling like a lot of young people did. I was exploring how other people, different from me, lived; seeing different cultures in the raw, experiencing new things. But I got a bit more than I bargained for the day I … Continue reading The sneak thief’s caning

At the Hotel Spanko

“Look at those boys down there, they might as well have For Sale signs around their necks.” “Yes, they are rather lush. Which do you prefer?” “The blond one in the green trunks is rather something.” “Yes, I’d take him across my knee. Not that the trunks would stay on for long.” “How do we … Continue reading At the Hotel Spanko

That Connor Kid

“War..warr’s going on?” Lars Alexanderson woke from his sleep with a start. “What time is it?” From the street outside his bedroom music was blaring rock-stadium loud. “What is it?” His wife Ingrid was awake now. “It’s that goddam Connor kid. What time is it?” Ingrid switched on the bedside lamp. “Nearly two o’clock. This … Continue reading That Connor Kid

The Smiling Boy

Archie Louden knew the boy was trouble from the start and it would end in tears. It was all the fault of that infatuated vicar. He had a scheme to help “deprived youngsters” and against his will and his better judgement Archie agreed to let the boy into his home. He could do your cleaning, … Continue reading The Smiling Boy

Toby’s Father Visits

Toby got out of bed early; there was no need to as his father wasn’t due for another two hours, but he had found it impossible to sleep. He hadn’t seen father since he arrived back at university more than two months ago, but now he was making a special trip to visit his son … Continue reading Toby’s Father Visits

Uploaded to YouTube

I think it all started with The Dudes. Do you remember them? They were a band that was hot for a couple of years. Their “thing” was that they all dressed in grey short trousers, the kind that schoolboys wore in the olden days. Short trousers became very fashionable. Clubs would be full of students … Continue reading Uploaded to YouTube