Only a glass of wine

C’mon Uncle Jack it was only a glass of wine It wasn’t only a glass of wine, it was my wine. Wine I told you not to touch. B… And judging by the state of you when I came in last night you had drunk a lot more than one glass of wine. B… I … Continue reading Only a glass of wine

MacTaggart’s House for Naughty Boys

I saw a remarkable programme on cable television last week. It was a short film made in the nineteen-forties about the leather industry in Scotland. Did it bring back memories! Me, aged eighteen, prone across Mr MacTaggart’s kitchen table, my trousers and pants at my knees. He leathering my naked buttocks with a three-tailed strap. … Continue reading MacTaggart’s House for Naughty Boys

Fake News #11

Sen. Magistrates Welcome New Judicial Caning Law EXCLUSIVE Brocklehurst Bugle Senior Magistrate Col. CET Thumpington-Smythe of the Brocklehurst Bench has welcomed the new law allowing male offenders up to the age of 40 to be caned on the bare buttocks. Col. Thumpington-Smythe (pictured above) said young men especially needed a severe dose of discipline. He … Continue reading Fake News #11

Father Must Be Obeyed

“Trousers down. Bend over my knee.” The command from his Father was crystal clear. And totally expected. John shivered with cold. The short grey school trousers and knee socks he wore were totally inappropriate for the middle of winter. But that was Father for you. “You are still a child and you will be treated … Continue reading Father Must Be Obeyed

Room 414

Well Winchester, the Head Boy said to me, we can do this one of two ways. Either you can do a detention and miss going to the cup semi-final this evening or you can go across my knee for a jolly good spanking. My heart raced and my face burned. Had I heard correctly? Taylor … Continue reading Room 414

The Meter Reader

The first time I visited the house I failed to notice the large green-and-gold school blazer hanging on a hook in the hallway, but I couldn’t miss the wooden paddle in the cupboard under the stairs. My heart skipped a beat and my face flushed. It took a super human effort not to pick it … Continue reading The Meter Reader

Fake News #10

Back in Short Trousers at Brocklehurst High EXCLUSIVE Brocklehurst Bugle (Photograph posed by models)   Boys up to the age of eighteen and beyond at Brocklehurst High will be made to wear short trousers as part of their school uniform from next term. It is part of a new disciplinary regime that also sees the … Continue reading Fake News #10

Baxter’s Beating

Baxter stretched his limbs beneath the itchy grey blanket. The clock on the bookcase said eleven-fifteen. He clasped his hands together and put them behind his head. Too late to go to lectures now, he thought. Not that he had intended to. He surveyed the room. His trousers were strewn over the small leather armchair. … Continue reading Baxter’s Beating

The Letter

Mr. Rouke stared down at the letter as he fingered buttered toast into his mouth. Brocklehurst University, Registrar’s Office. Addressed to his son. He didn’t need X-ray eyes to tell its contents. The Christmas vacation was here. Examinations had been taken, results released. He licked a drop of butter from his lips and picked up … Continue reading The Letter

Looking back . . .

Sometimes these days I rub my eyes with disbelief with much the same vigour I used to rub my backside. That’s when I remember my days at St. Tom’s. In the housemaster’s study (again). In pyjamas, touching toes for six-of-the-best . You tell kids that today and they think you’re mad. Eighteen years old and … Continue reading Looking back . . .