The Fare Dodger

Hamilton slouched in his seat, impatiently staring ahead. The bus was filling up, St Francis had just let out. A dozen or so kids were jostling past the bored driver, flashing their passes or return tickets at him. Senior boys, he thought, prefects mainly, judging from the shiny lapel badges they wore. Nicely turned out. … Continue reading The Fare Dodger

The Run

A St Francis Independent Grammar School story. Click here for the full series. Brother Sebastian grew impatient. It was cold and starting to rain. Soon it would be dark. Where were those two boys? The others had returned ages ago. Brother Sebastian paced around the carpark. He paused and looked at his watch. He would … Continue reading The Run

Uncle Festus

Neither of my parents were bothered with religion so I grew up without knowing about “Spare the rod and spoil the child.” My Uncle Festus was altogether different as I would find out. I went to a modern school, they taught us sciences as well as humanities. It was a progressive place and corporal punishment … Continue reading Uncle Festus

Uploaded to YouTube

I think it all started with The Dudes. Do you remember them? They were a band that was hot for a couple of years. Their “thing” was that they all dressed in grey short trousers, the kind that schoolboys wore in the olden days. Short trousers became very fashionable. Clubs would be full of students … Continue reading Uploaded to YouTube

Be Home by Eleven, Not Half-Past Twelve

Jack lay face down, his nose only centimetres from the mattress. Uncle Albert’s bony knees pressed into his stomach and chest. Jack’s pulse sped, his face burned. He had been here many times before, but he could never get used to it. Over Uncle’s knee, trousers down, bottom high. He could feel Uncle preparing himself. … Continue reading Be Home by Eleven, Not Half-Past Twelve

The Senior Tutor

Nineteen-year-old Liam Thomas stood, hands clasped behind his back, feet shuffling slightly, in front of the desk. Behind it sat the Senior Tutor, a stern man, imperious, dressed in a black academic gown. The Senior Tutor, Professor Adams, was doing his best to ignore the student before him. The professor liked to let the boys … Continue reading The Senior Tutor

Face the Music

Anthony stared anxiously out of the bathroom window. How much longer could he hide here, he wondered. Soon Dad would want to know why he wasn’t at the breakfast table. There could be a problem if he was late down. He didn’t need that, he was in enough trouble as it was. “Anthony, where the … Continue reading Face the Music

The Gaffer of The Academy 1: Beginnings

All we schoolboys despised The Gaffer: from the very first time he joined The Academy to take over as Head of Sixth Form. And, the loathing quickly turned to hatred when he demonstrated he could beat our backsides black and blue whenever he felt the need. He was an ugly squat man and some of … Continue reading The Gaffer of The Academy 1: Beginnings

Letter of Gratitude

Dear Uncle Algernon Today I leave to travel to Newcastle to start my new job and new career. I will be living 200 miles away from you and I know our lives will never quite be the same again. How can I express my gratitude for all you have done for me and the love … Continue reading Letter of Gratitude

The Old Boys

The headmaster always enjoyed the annual Old Boy’s Reunion; especially the canings he dished out. It had become a ritual; two of the most revered Old Boys would not leave until they had each received ‘a proper’ six-of-the-best from the headmaster. When some years ago it had first been put to him that he should … Continue reading The Old Boys