At the vicarage

I was at the vicarage late one afternoon, as I often am, when the vicar told me without emotion that he was expecting a visitor at any moment. I offered to leave but he said, “No, no. Stay. After we can play a game of chess and drink a little sherry.” Having nothing much else … Continue reading At the vicarage

What strange times they were

“Take down your trousers,” he rasped. “Underpants too.” I shuffled uncomfortably. The room was cool, even though outside it was a fine spring afternoon. “Bend over my knee,” the vicar scrunched a large leather-soled bedroom slipper in his right fist. He wriggled his buttocks on the worn wooden armless chair and parted his legs a … Continue reading What strange times they were

The Spanking Vicar of Aston Budleigh – the compilation

When I was a young man I got a new job and needed somewhere to live. Simon, a co-worker of about my age, told me about a clergyman in a nearby village who let out rooms. Ian, the guy who I replaced at the office, had lived there. Simon drove me out into the countryside. … Continue reading The Spanking Vicar of Aston Budleigh – the compilation

A summer to remember

I first developed my taste for spanking when I was eighteen and very keen on hill climbing. During the summer holiday between school and university I would go out every day on the Downs just outside Brocklehurst where I lived. As luck would have it is was on one of these outings that I met … Continue reading A summer to remember

The vicar delivers

Darren’s mouth gaped open when the vicar strode to a cupboard and took from it a whippy school cane which he swished through the air a couple of times before intoning, “Bend over that chair.” “B.. b.. but,”  he stammered. “Do it now, I don’t have all day,” the vicar swished the cane once more. … Continue reading The vicar delivers

Encounter with the vicar

When the vicar spanked me on my bare bottom I don’t know who enjoyed it more, me or him. My friend Lenny and I were in our early twenties and secretly used his churchyard for our couplings. I don’t know if we were in “love” or it was simply “lust”, but our relationship gave both … Continue reading Encounter with the vicar

Shopping for toys

Herbert made his way through the front entrance to Tomkinson’s department store. He paused; dismayed. There were frantic shoppers as far as his eye could see. Only four days to Christmas, he hoped he hadn’t left it too late. Nearby a store security guard, dressed like a marketing man’s idea of an American traffic cop, … Continue reading Shopping for toys

A Preacher Teaches Humility

“Hi hon, is the preacher at home?” Cheryl breezed into the church reception area ignoring the two middle-aged men who were waiting apprehensively and flashed her toothy smile at Karen, the receptionist-cum-secretary. Karen raised her eyes from the Bible she was reading to acknowledge her fellow church-attendee. “Not immediately, no,” she whispered, nodding in the … Continue reading A Preacher Teaches Humility

The Smiling Boy

Archie Louden knew the boy was trouble from the start and it would end in tears. It was all the fault of that infatuated vicar. He had a scheme to help “deprived youngsters” and against his will and his better judgement Archie agreed to let the boy into his home. He could do your cleaning, … Continue reading The Smiling Boy

Craig Misses Curfew

Craig slowly opened the front door, trying desperately not to make a sound. He was in trouble; he knew that. Big trouble. Maybe he could delay the inevitable for a little while yet. “Is that you Craig, come into my study, this instance!” It was Reverend Crick, his landlord, calling. “Drat!” Craig breathed silently. He … Continue reading Craig Misses Curfew