Going to the beach

Picture credit: Joe Phillips  I’m going on my hols, see you again sometime in August. While I’m away why not enjoy some of these free-to-download books containing collections of my stories. Click on the titles to find out more.  Summer at Uncle’s  Peter, an eighteen-year-old from a small town, stays with Uncle Barnabas in London … Continue reading Going to the beach

The terrible twins

Last summer I had quite two of the naughtiest boys imaginable staying with me at my house. Antonio and Pedro were foreign language students. The idea was they came over for some intensive English training and they stayed with “hosts” who helped them with “conversational English.” We were also asked to teach them something about … Continue reading The terrible twins

Waiting my turn

I am facing the door in my uncle’s living room and in a moment he is going to take me over his knee and spank me. I am shaking like a leaf and I am trying not to cry, but my eyes are getting wet. Me and my cousin John were naughty at school today … Continue reading Waiting my turn

The new office boy

Dirk was too excited to notice the stir he was making as he passed through the accounts department. It was the first day at his new job. His first job ever. After two years unemployed. Jobs were hard to come by these days. One man leaned across the workstation to a co-worker, “Meet the new … Continue reading The new office boy

Not too old to be spanked by grandad

When would grandad stop treating him like a child? Matt wondered silently as he unbuckled his jeans and let them slip to his knees. Twenty-three years old and still getting the belt. “C’mon grandad, is this really necessary?” he wailed, “I’m too old for this.” Matt’s question only got a grunt from grandad as he … Continue reading Not too old to be spanked by grandad

Sam’s caning

Sam glanced at the long, thin yellow-coloured crook-handled cane lying on the table and shuddered nervously at the thought of the wretched thing curling itself around his buttocks. He hated the dreadful waiting. Not that he was eager to have his backside beaten; he knew matters had to take their course. There was no escaping … Continue reading Sam’s caning

University encounter

I was eighteen, he was twenty-one. Maybe I was a little immature for my age. He told me if I insisted on behaving like that, he’d take me across his knee and spank my bottom. Hard. I didn’t believe him. Okay, so I was naïve as well as immature. I was a first-year student at … Continue reading University encounter

Bend over my knee for a birching

Johanne stood staring down at the floor. His knees were buckling, his pulse raced. The saliva in his mouth had already drained. He could feel the heat of embarrassment in his face. He had been here many times before, but he could never get used to it. He heard his father preparing himself. A hard … Continue reading Bend over my knee for a birching

The porn mag

Craig had warned his younger brother Jason he would spank his bare bottom black and blue if he ever brought a porn magazine into the house again. Craig’s girlfriend hated them, and anyhow they were demeaning to women, he had said. Jason tried. He tried very hard, but he was an eighteen-year-old boy with needs … Continue reading The porn mag

Two for the taws

“Finlay! MacDonald!” Colonel MacIntosh leaned through the open window and bellowed at the two youngsters practising their golfing putts on the lawn. “Come to the sitting room at once!” His ruddy complexion betrayed his fury. Finlay gripped his golf club tightly and exchanged a doleful glance with his cousin.  They had been expecting a summons; … Continue reading Two for the taws