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Bruce is standing with his nose centimetres from the wall. The smell of damp plaster is cloying. He thinks he is about to sneeze. The passageway is hot and humid. The mid-afternoon sun blazes but none of the windows are open. They have been stuck closed for years: no budget for maintenance Bruce stares dead ahead as instructed. To his right two other students stand obediently. To his left are a further three. All stand in silence. All Bruce can hear is rhythmic breathing. No one dares speak. All afraid of breaking more rules.

Bruce was the third to arrive. All were summoned to attend at three o’clock sharp and don’t dare be late. All arrived early. Some earlier than others. None knew that the rule was first to arrive, first to be dealt with. Bruce feels under dressed. He is in blue jeans and green t-shirt. Both of the two ahead of him in the queue are in smart business suits. The others are in smart trousers. All wear neck ties. One wears a blazer. Bruce thinks he looks like a schoolboy. Now he thinks about it, less than six months ago he was.

The heavy oak door at the end of the passageway opens. Nobody turns his head, but they all sense what is happening. A tall, thin teenager shuffles out. His face soaked in perspiration, eyes dampened by tears. His neck is scarlet. He hesitates slightly, whispers to the boy at the head of the line and then darts down the passageway, both hands clutching the seat of his trousers. The air is thick with expectation. Still nobody speaks. The boy at the head of the queue fastens the button of his suit jacket, checks his tie and sucks in a lungful of air. With absolutely no enthusiasm he knocks on the door. The boy catches the faintest sound from the other side, he turns the handle and pushes against the heavy oak.

Another day at Brocklehurst University. The same ritual is played out every afternoon at 3 p.m., Monday to Thursday. Week in and week out. The Dean of Discipline likes to spend Friday afternoons at the golf club so he brings forward the line-up to one o’clock.

This is Bruce’s first time on the Dean’s List. It is his third month at the university. It is a wonder to him he has escaped for so long. The list of rules at Brocklehurst is endless. Don’t do this. Don’t do that. Be on time. Get good grades. Keep your nose clean. Don’t make waves. Or else. It’s the Dean’s List. And, that means only one thing. The door creeps open again. Another sorrowful boy limps out. “Six!” he gasps. “Bare arsed,” he says disbelievingly. “Bare arsed!” he repeats to make certain they all understand he is incredulous. “Your turn,” he nods at his companion in the suit. “Bloody hell!” He waddles down the passageway towards the staircase and freedom.

Bruce continues staring at the wall. Six. Bare arsed. He shuts his eyes. Bloody hell indeed. Corporal punishment. At university. Aged eighteen. The world is turning upside down. It started when Britain crashed out of the European Union. The government collapsed. The opposition parties were useless. There was turmoil everywhere. Food shortages. Riots on the streets. Suddenly from nowhere came the New Democratic Party to save the nation. They knew what Britain needed. A little bit of gardening. They had made that joke a lot at the time the NDP came to power. Lawn Order. Cut the grass neat and tidy. They meant law and order, of course. And they meant it too.

In the flick of an eyelid new regulations were passed. Curfews were introduced. Food was back in the shops. The immigrants were sent home. The public loved it. Especially, when the NDP went for the no-good layabout youth. That gormless politician who spoke like he had a plum in his mouth and the funny double-barrelled surname called, “bring back the birch for juvenile delinquents”. So, they did. And the cane at school. Before you knew it no fellow under the age of thirty was safe from corporal punishment. Students at university, apprentices in factories, office juniors and many more suffered.

Bruce has a tenuous grasp of all this history. It matters little to him. All he knows for sure is he flunked his mid-term examination. Too much time spent with his lips around a beer bottle and not enough with his nose in a book. He knows he has no one to blame but himself.

His heart is trying to pound through his ribcage. His head aches a little. Six. Bare arsed. This is unchartered territory. Like many eighteen year olds he has never been spanked before. The laws are that new. The door opens. Bruce gets a whiff of sour breath as the boy leans towards him and croaks, “Your turn.”

Bruce faces the door. His eyelids flicker. His heart races. His hand is unsteady. He raps his knuckles on the oak panel and waits for the call. His palm sweats as he turns the handle and pushes his way into the Dean of Discipline’s office. The room is large. A conference table runs almost its entire length. A heavy sideboard takes up one wall. A window – this one also jammed shut – faces him. Dean Cooper holds a tablet in his hand. He peers over the top of his spectacles at the screen. “Name?” he does not look up at Bruce. Bruce answers, his voice cracking. Dean Cooper uses his thumbs to find Bruce on his list. “Ah,” Dean Cooper says, still not looking at the student before him. “First time. I see.” He doesn’t give Bruce time to confirm this. “Stand there.” Dean Cooper speaks but does not say where it is Bruce must position himself. Bruce stands in a space between the conference table and the door. He is surprised he is so calm. He watches Dean Cooper, a short, dumpy man in his fifties, reach over to the top of the sideboard. Only now does Bruce see the dark-brown rectangular paddle that rests there.

Dean Cooper grips it in his right hand. It is about thirty centimetres long and maybe ten wide. Bruce has never seen a punishment paddle before but he knows instinctively that this one has been lovingly crafted. Twelve holes are neatly drilled in groups of two along its length. Sunlight reflects off its thick coating of varnish. “Face that way.” Dean Cooper nods towards the far wall. Bruce swivels on the balls of his feet. Any moment now, he will be ordered to bare his arse. He knows he has no choice. He must do as instructed. If he refuses punishment he will be expelled from the university. He won’t be able to get a job and he will end up in one of those camps for the young jobless that the NDP has just set up.

Bruce scrunches up his face, bracing himself for the humiliation. Bent over, arse bared to the wind, his crack and balls on full view to this oily old man. “Assume the position.” Bruce hesitates. Assume the position. What does that mean exactly? Take down your jeans? Underpants too? Dean Cooper snarls, unable to hide his irritation. He wants to get this over with. He doesn’t have all afternoon. There is a gin and tonic with his name on it waiting for him at the Three Fishers.

“Assume the position,” he repeats. Then, mindful that Bruce is a first-timer, he adds, “Bend over. Grab your ankles. Keep your knees straight.” A wave of relief washes over Bruce. Bend over. Grab your ankles. Keep your knees straight. So it isn’t to be bare-arsed at all. Almost with gratitude, Bruce leans forward. It is harder to assume the position and keep his knees straight than he thought. He feels his jeans tighten across his buttocks. He winces when Dean Cooper places the paddle across the centre of his cheeks and pats gently. Bruce stares down at the patterned rug beneath his feet. It is brown and full of dust. Absurdly, at that moment he remembers most of the cleaning staff lost their jobs recently because of cuts in budgets. The wood feels heavy as it taps across his bottom. Dean Cooper is getting his aim.

Bruce closes his eyes tight and tenses his buttocks. The paddle raises and returns, crashing into his cheeks with tremendous speed. The force knocks him forward and it takes some doing for Bruce to stop himself falling headlong onto the floor. He grips his ankles more tightly. The paddle crashes down again. It feels like Dean Cooper has pressed a hot iron into his flesh. Within seconds Dean Cooper whacks the paddle six times into Bruce’s bum. “Stand. Go.” Dean Cooper returns the paddle to the sideboard and takes hold of his tablet waiting for the next boy.

Bruce is winded. His bottom hurts. Quite a bit. But, he is not in agony. The pain is sharp at first but quickly it turns to an intense throb. Even as he prepares to leave the room, it is becoming a dull ache. It will be gone entirely by the time Bruce reaches his room and can inspect the damage.

Bruce tugs open the heavy door and pushes himself through. He is breathing heavily and he thinks his face must be either deathly pale or bright scarlet. He nods at the next boy in the line. “Good luck,” he says as he makes his leave. “It wasn’t so bad,” he thinks to himself and wonders how long it will be before he finds out what it feels like to get it on the bare.

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The scavenger hunt

new story 2

The boy was in the bushes, hidden from both the house and the road. Five minutes ago he saw an elderly grey man he knew to be the Dean of the Humanities Faculty leave. He had been told he lived alone and as far as he knew the house was empty. Now would be his chance.

It was late afternoon and still warm. The Dean had left a window of an upstairs room open. A drainpipe was conveniently adjacent. The boy was far from an athlete but he should be able to shin up it and get into the house. It should take him only a minute. He could be in and out inside another two or three. If he found what he was looking for. Now, was the time for action.

He checked over his shoulder, the road was clear. It was no more than a driveway really. It connected to a main thoroughfare with the university. Checking once more that the coast was clear he dashed across the immaculately-kept lawn. His heart raced faster than his body. In a moment he sized up the drain. He was a heavy boy, but a couple of tugs on the pipe confirmed it would take his weight. He had a good idea how to do this. Back in the day he had learned how to climb ropes. The Boy Scouts would not be amused to discover they had been teaching House Breaking 101.

It was more difficult than he thought. The pipe was narrow and connected close to the brick wall, there wasn’t much to grip on to. He made it to the top, a little breathless. With his head he pushed the window open further and on his stomach he wriggled through it, landing on his head. He was unhurt and quickly climbed to his feet. It took seconds for him to see the room was a bedroom. The bed was a bare mattress. The dressing table was empty. It must be an unused guestroom. He wanted the Dean’s bedroom.

His heart pounding from the exertion of the climb and excitement he crept towards the door. He put his ear to it and listened carefully. He had been told the Dean lived alone, but who knew he might have a houseguest. All was silent. Not even a cat stirred. Gingerly he opened the door and walking on the tips of his toes like some cartoon burglar he moved down the passageway. The door to the adjoining room was ajar. He peaked through the crack. Bingo! This bedroom was obviously lived-in. Two recently-ironed dress shirts hung on the door of the wardrobe. Using his shoulder (he suddenly remembered he mustn’t leave fingerprints) he edged the door open further. Now, his heart rate rising and sweat soaking his brow, he moved smoothly into the room; his destination a chest of drawers. Within seconds he had the first one open. Inside was his prey. He smiled broadly and reached in.

Then, he was out of the room and heading down the stairs clutching in his hand a pair of the Dean’s boxer shorts. His grin was wide, he was consumed with self-satisfaction. A pair of the Dean’s boxer shorts, purloined from his house was worth sixty points. He had won the freshman’s scavenger hunt for certain.

The scavenger hunt took place each autumn at the beginning of the academic year. New boys at the university got points for collecting various objects on a list. One year a guy stole a campus bus. This year top points went to the kid who got the shorts. He padded down the stairs, he had no wish to topple out of the window head first. He was almost whistling so great was the joy at his achievement. He was across the hallway reaching for the door handle when without his help the door opened. Standing there, with two brown bags in his arms was the Dean of the Humanities Faculty.

He was a large man in a crumpled grey suit. His shirt was formal but he wore no tie. Despite the mildness of the day a scarf hung at his neck. His fleshy face frowned, his unkempt moustache bristled. He glared at the boy standing in front of him. The Dean’s eyes looked him up and down. There was nothing unusual about the boy; he wore jeans and a checked shirt like (it seemed) everyone else his age. The Dean’s eyes shone when he saw his boxer shorts in the boys hand.

He moved into the house, quietly closing the door behind him. The boy blushed to his roots. Instinct told him to run for it but he could see the Dean blocked his path to freedom. His jaw dropped, then his mouth opened and closed but no words came out. He felt his face burn with embarrassment.

At last the Dean spoke. “A burglar I see. Breaking and entering.” He put the bags of groceries on the floor at his feet and reached into his pocket. “I should call the campus police.”

“No!” he boy wailed and waved his arms as if the try to impede the Dean’s movement. The Dean kept the phone in his pocket. The boy was too distressed to see the twinkle in the old man’s eye. “Who are you? What are you doing in my house?” he demanded ferociously.

The boy blustered, “I’m Mike McManus. A student. A fresher.”

“Show me your ID,” the Dean’s eyes narrowed and he frowned. He made great play at examining the plastic card. He held it up against Mike’s face to compare the photograph with the real thing. Satisfied the boy was who he claimed to be he handed it back.

“The scavenger hunt,” Mike’s explanation was brusquely cut short by the Dean. He knew all about scavenger hunts and boxer shorts. He had been a member of faculty for more than thirty years, he had seen it all before.

“Get in there,” he ordered and pointed to a door at the far end of the hallway. When the boy stood rooted to the spot the Dean gripped him by the left year and half pulling the boy along the highly-polished floor he directed him forcefully into his study. He let go of the ear and Mike stood sheepishly rubbing it while examining his own feet.

“I know all about the scavenger hunt,” the Dean confirmed. “I also know that breaking and entering is a crime. You will go to court. Maybe even do time in juvie. At the very least you will be expelled from the university.” It came out like a rehearsed speech. In a few words the Dean had summed up Mike’s predicament. A silly freshman’s prank had dire consequences. The Dean watched as Mike’s jaw wobbled. Any second now and he would be in a flood of tears.

“I know the scavenger hunt is a tradition. I am all in favour of the college traditions,” he said in a firm but not unfriendly voice. “You boys have your traditions and I too have mine.” Mike looked up from the floor, his puzzlement now etched on his face. He saw the Dean walk to an old battered desk. He bent forward and opened a drawer. When he stood again he had an aged wooden paddle in his fist. Mike stared open-eyed. He knew about paddles, of course, but he had never before seen one.

The Dean slapped the blade of the paddle into his hand. It was a traditional school-type affair about fourteen inches long and four wide and half-inch thick at least. As is also traditional it had a series of holes drilled in it (to counter wind-resistance). The Dean did not speak, there was no reason to, Mike instinctively knew the old man’s intention. The student could not keep from staring at the wood. “He’s never going to spank me. I’m eighteen years old. This is two-thousand-and-nineteen. Things like that don’t happen anymore.” That is what he thought but all he could say aloud was, “B.. b… b …”

“So, Mr Michael McManus,” the Dean stretched his shoulders and swung the paddle through the air as he spoke, “What happens next is up to you. I can call the cops or I can deal with it myself.” He smacked the paddle into the palm of his hand so there was no doubt as to his meaning. “What’s it to be?”

A student confronted this way should call for a lawyer. The ensuing litigation might take years. He might have graduated by the time the case was decided. A bright student would do that. Mike must have been one sandwich short of a picnic; he didn’t get lawyered up. He muttered, almost inaudibly, “Your way.”

The Dean responded with a smile. “Smart choice,” he said and waved the paddle once more. “Right stand there.” He pointed to a space between his desk and the door. “Jeans and underwear down. Assume the position.” Mike went bright red and he began to protest.

“It’s entirely your choice,” the Dean put his hand in his pocket, making to search for his phone. Mike, now in a daze of confusion, blurted, “No, wait. Don’t.” His protest defeated and with severely trembling hands he reached for the waistband of his jeans.

“They always come round in the end,” the Dean told himself silently as he watched Mike fumble with the buttons on his fly. The boy seemed to be on auto-piolet, his eyes were glazed into a strange faraway look. Once he had the front open, the jeans slithered to his knees of their own accord. The Dean noticed with a wry smile Mike was wearing boxer shorts. “Those too,” the Dean barked. They went south to join the jeans.

“Assume the position.”

Mike was unsure what this meant exactly. Assume the position. It must mean: Bend over. Still in a dreamworld, he arched his back and placed his hands on his knees. The Dean stood behind him, paddle in his hand. “Emm,” he mused silently, “Much more padding on the hind quarters than the boy yesterday.” Of course Mike was not the first student to attempt to steal the Dean’s boxer shorts. Adam, a sweet boy, had also been caught red-handed. His luscious little bottom was hard and round. The term “Buns of steel” had been invented for boys like Adam. Mike’s backside was fleshy, almost flabby. He wasn’t quite fat but if he didn’t hold up on the burgers and beer pretty soon he would be joining the ranks of the obese, like so many of his fellow students.

z used paddle trousers down office kernled (1)

The Dean placed the paddle against Mike’s left buttock and pressed it down. It sank and the flesh wobbled like jelly on a plate. The student’s shoulder flinched at the touch; he was preparing himself for the onslaught soon to start. The Dean was in no particular hurry. He tapped the paddle down; one, two, three, getting his aim. Then he lifted it and brought it down with maximum force. It hit the flesh with a dull thud that echoed around the small study. There was a pause of a second or three before the pain registered in Mike’s brain. His lips pursed and created a perfect “O” shape, then he hissed like an old steam engine. He wanted to jump to his feet and rub away at his scorched buttocks. He didn’t. Instinct kicked in. He knew to do so was against tradition. A guy took his paddling, come what may. He let his hands slip from his knees and he clutched his shins tightly waiting for the impact of the next swat.

It was a while coming. The Dean had been paddling the butts of students for the best part of twenty years, he was an expert at this. He knew that it took some seconds after the swat landed for the pain to connect. Then it took a few more for it to make its way through the boy’s body. It started at the cheeks and then usually travelled up and down the legs before sending messages to the brain about how much it hurt. The Dean allowed time for all that to happen before landing the next whack.

In no time at all every square inch of Mike’s buttocks glowed pink. The Dean admired his own handiwork awarding himself extra credit for the way the outline of the paddle was embossed again and again in the flesh. He especially liked the patterns the holes made.

For a boy virgin to corporal punishment, Mike took his paddling with great stoicism. The first swats hurt like hell and he winced, screwed up his face and gripped his shins for dear life. But soon his buttocks numbed and while each additional whack hurt they registered low down on the barometer of pain.

The Dean let up at eighteen. From where he was standing, Dean’s butt looked thoroughly toasted. It would hurt the boy when he sat on a hard surface for some time to come.  The blisters would let up after a day or so but the bruises would be around for a week or more. It amused the Dean that it would curb the boy’s love life for a while.

“Up.” It was a clear command and Mike did not need telling twice. He straightened and hopped from one foot to another and stomped his feet, rather like a soldier on sentry duty. He hoped it would ease the pain. It didn’t; it never does. He retuned his shorts and jeans to their correct places and buttoned up. He stood awaiting further instructions unable to comprehend what had just happened. His head was dizzy, the study seemed to spin around him. He was so light-headed he feared he would giggle in the Dean’s face. No drug he had taken ever gave him this kind of high.

Seconds later he was gingerly walking across the lawn back to his dorm. He was glad his roommate was out. Had he known that at that moment he was secreted in the bushes outside the Dean’s house he would not have given him a word of warning. Mike lowered his jeans and underwear and pointed his butt at the mirror. It surprised him how sore and red it was. His dick jutted out towards the ceiling. He spat on the palm of his hand. It took no more than four tugs before he shot a load across the glass. With his jeans and pants at his ankles he waddled across the room to his nightstand and grabbed a handful of tissue. Once he had cleaned away the mess he found his phone and took a selfie.

Well, he thought, if he can’t get points for the Dean’s boxer shorts, the old man’s spanking should be worth something.

Picture credit: Kernled

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A man of honour

new story 2

Mr Crosby glowered at his nineteen-year-old son, he could hardly keep his temper. “You’ve stolen from me – AGAIN.” He waved his leather wallet in the teenager’s face. “There’s a twenty gone. You’ve taken it,” his face coloured, soon it would be as red as a fine claret wine.

“No I didn’t,” the boy cowered in fear of his father’s wrath.

Mr Crosby paced the large lounge room. “Don’t add lying to your list of crimes.” He reached a cupboard and fumbled to open a door. “This isn’t the first time.”

Hank watched his father carefully, the colour draining from his own face. “I didn’t,” he protested feebly. This was going to end badly.

Mr Crosby stooped forward and reached into the cupboard. “I tanned you last time but obviously it was not enough,” he growled as he withdrew a small, but stout paddle. He straightened his back, turned and faced his son. “Well, let’s see if this will make an impact.” He brandished the paddle in his right hand. “I will not have you stealing from me.”

Hank stared glumly at the paddle. It wasn’t the first time he had seen the wood. It wouldn’t be the first time he felt it. “Now …” Mr Crosby’s eyes scanned the room. It was a large, opulent living room, dominated by two plush leather armchairs and a huge Chesterfield couch. That wasn’t what he was looking for. He needed something more compact. Standing against one wall was a heavy wooden armless chair, the kind that matched a dining table. Perfect, he thought.

Without a further word he marched across the room, grabbed it in one hand and, because of its extreme weight, struggled to manoeuvre it to the centre of the room. He plonked it down unceremoniously. He was beginning to sweat; a combination of the exertion, the warm weather and an airless room.

“Right,” he glared at Hank, “You know what to do.” Mr Crosby sat himself down on the chair, wriggled his backside,  straightened his back and parted his legs. He was ready. “Stand there,” he snapped his fingers, sending a shudder through Hank. “Now!” he roared when his son showed no inclination to move.

Generally speaking nineteen-year-olds do not get their bottoms blistered by their fathers, no matter what crime they may have committed. Indeed, spanking in the home and corporal punishment in schools had increasingly fallen into disuse in recent years. Now, would be the time for Hank to protest, “Dad, I’m too old for this!”

Hank knew better. If there was one lesson he had learned growing up it was: Dad is in charge. And now Hank was an adult it was Dad’s way or the highway. Accept Dad’s rules or take a hike. His older brother Todd had discovered that the hard way. He now lived in a sweaty room in a rooming house and had no prospects of betterment. Hank had no desire to follow in Todd’s footsteps.

He wanted to repeat, “I didn’t take the money,” but what was the point? His father wouldn’t believe him. Hank only had himself to blame, he had stolen money before; in fact more times than Mr Crosby knew. As they say, once you betray trust it is difficult to get it back.

Hank shuffled into position so that he stood a step or two to his father’s right side. “Jeans and shorts down. Pronto!” Indignantly, Hank searched for his belt buckle, loosened it and within seconds he had his jeans at his knees. He hesitated. He always hated this part: showing Dad his dick and ball sack. Mr Crosby might treat Hank as if he was still a little boy, but here was proof positive that his son was a fully-fledged man. Hank sucked in his breath, pinched the sides of his Jockey shorts and in one complete deft movement of the wrists he had them resting on top of his jeans. Without awaiting further instructions he threw himself across his father’s lap.

Hank hated Dad to see his genitals, but it was worst that he could see his crack and hole. Could there be anything more humiliating than an over-the-knee spanking on the bare buttocks? Hank stretched his arms out in front of him and rested his palms into the deep, plush carpet. Behind him his legs dangled in mid-air and his toes hovered above the floor. Like this, his backside rested at an angle across Dad’s lap. Mr Crosby was a tall man in his fifties and like many men that age he was running to fat. His well-padded thighs made a comfortable platform for Hank to rest on, but he knew what would happen next would be far from cosy.

Mr Crosby gripped the paddle tightly in his hand. As paddles went it was on the small side, no bigger than a paperback book. It was made especially for close-up over-the-knee spankings. He had a collection of larger paddles which he kept in a closet upstairs alongside a very old, worn razor strop that had been in the family for generations. He tapped the paddle against Hank’s left cheek. The nineteen-year-old’s body flinched, he closed his eyes and gritted the teeth, waiting anxiously for the first explosion of pain.

“I’m going to take your ass off with this,” Mr Crosby thought silently. “By the time I’ve finished it’ll glow in the dark. You won’t be sitting down for a week. I’ll teach you to steal money from me.” With those thoughts in mind he raised the paddle and brought it cracking down at tremendous force across Hank’s rear end.


The next morning at the office Mr Crosby’s secretary handed him a fistful of notes and coins, “Here’s your change,” she said.

“Change?” Mr Crosby wrinkled his nose in confusion.

“From yesterday. You gave me twenty to buy cakes for the girls in the typing pool. It was Jane’s birthday.” She handed over the money, puzzled as to why her boss’s face had turned crimson.

The day passed as it always did with Mr Crosby; he never had a moment to himself. Only on the train journey back home that evening did he have time to think. Hank hadn’t stolen the money. His son had told him as much and he hadn’t believed him. And, of course, he had blistered every square inch of the young man’s ass. What should he do now?

He was grateful his wife was not at home when he got back, he needed to speak to Hank alone: this was man-to-man stuff. Mr Crosby believed in high standards of behaviour: he had reared his children to be honest, truthful and to accept the consequences of their actions. Even if that meant taking a painful and humiliating spanking from time to time. Mr Crosby was an honourable man; he would have to confess to his son.

He called Hank to the lounge room, the very same place he had whopped the kid’s hide the previous night. Mr Crosby owned a large company and had many workers under him, he was never afraid to take command of a situation. He gave orders and people carried them out. He was used to that. This time it was different. He had no idea what he should do. Yes, he would apologise to Hank but then what? He couldn’t take back a spanking. Hank had probably spent a very uncomfortable night trying to sleep on his side and no doubt he had been reminded of the bruising each time he sat on a hard surface during the day. There was no undoing that.

Uncharacteristically, Mr Crosby had no plan. Instead, he decided to ask Hank what he wanted to do. Mr Crosby called the boy in and told him straight, “I spent the money on cakes for the girls in the office and I forgot. I’m sorry. I’m sorry I didn’t believe you and I’m sorry I spanked you.” He came right out with it. No beating about the bush. “And,” he continued, “I don’t know how to make amends to you. What do you want me to do?”

He was quiet after that. He had said his piece. It was up to Hank now. The boy’s eyes shone. It might have been indignation or anger, Mr Crosby could not tell. Hank’s face glowed pink. His father stood uncomfortably, he couldn’t read his son’s mind. What was he thinking? In fact, Hank had been knocked off his feet. Never in his entire life had his father apologised to him. Never had he made such an offer. For once the boy was in control. What did he want? Money? No, the family was rich, Hank never went without. What then? It didn’t take long for the penny to drop. Hank had made up his mind.

In the past he had wondered if he was the only one who thought this way. Did it make him peculiar? Was it something he would be doing for the rest of his life? Perhaps it was natural. Often he had fantasised about spanking his dad. Mostly, it came after Hank had suffered a dose of the paddle or the razor strop. Was it revenge fantasy? Maybe he could find a book about it in the library. After all those years, here was a chance for his dream to come true.

Hank took after his old man in at least one important respect: when a good opportunity presented itself he took it.

“Right,” he took a deep breath and looked his father in the eye, “You unjustly gave me a spanking. You can’t take that back, but you can do the next best thing.” He was delighted that his father was clearly confused. He had no idea what was coming next. “You have to let me spank you.”

He studied his father’s face carefully. The man was shocked. His lower lip quivered, he started to form words but held himself back. The silence between father and son was embarrassing. Hank shuffled his feet. He was bursting to say, “Take down your pants and underwear,” but his nerve failed. Mr Crosby was known at the office as a quick thinker. He was not afraid to take a decision. This was to be no exception.

He had not expected his son’s proposal. Spank his own father. It was unheard of; absurd even. And, yet it was the perfect retribution. It was an eye for an eye. He had spanked his son unjustly, why shouldn’t his son spank him back? Mr Crosby was an honourable man; it was a fair proposition.

“Yes, I agree,” he said. Mr Crosby could not be certain but he thought he saw his son’s knees wobble. The teenager coughed to hide his mounting excitement. Never in a million years did he expect this. He had to take control of the situation. His mind whirled; what should he do no next? It shouldn’t be too difficult, he had been on the receiving end many times in the past.

“I want you,” Hank croaked, his mouth had drained of saliva. He coughed and tried again, “I want you to go upstairs and fetch the razor strop from your closet,” he felt his chest tighten as he fought to get the words out, “Then, bring it back here,” he added unnecessarily. It felt like his ears would burst, so much blood was rushing towards them. He gaped as his father meekly left the room.

Hank’s heartrate was hardly back to normal by the time his father returned. In his hand he held the thick leather razor strop. Without saying a word, Mr Crosby handed it over and stood head bowed, his face flushed scarlet. Hank felt the weight of the strop. He had felt it only one time across his naked buttocks. Dad had told him it was a family heirloom; generations of Crosby boys had felt it across their backsides. He did not realise this would revive memories for his father of trips to the woodshed on the farm where he was raised.

Hank cleared his throat, “Pants and underwear down. Bend over the back of the couch.” It was a surreal moment. Dad, aged fifty if he was a day, meekly stood in position and with more confidence than Hank ever felt while in the same situation, he assumed the position. He had forgotten to remove his glasses and they slid down his face and fell onto the couch. He made to retrieve them, “Leave them be, you won’t need them until I’ve finished,” Hank was astonished by his own confidence.

Hank folded the leather in his hand and studied the scene. He saw his father bent across the Chesterfield, his grey-haired head low and his flabby buttocks high. He had to give the old man credit, he was offering up his bottom at a perfect angle to receive his lashes. It was a terrific target.

Hank touched the leather across his father’s cheeks. They were soft and he saw them flinch as he began to find his aim. Mr Crosby had closed his eyes shut and seemed to be gnashing his teeth. Hank wondered if all boys did this when they anxiously awaited the first stroke (he knew he certainly did). Perhaps it was the body’s reflex action; its way of protecting itself against hurt.

Hank had no time to ponder such questions. His heartrate was up again and his temples were throbbing. He needed to get on with this before he fell with a faint to the floor. He rubbed the leather across the highest point of Dad’s buttocks. He intended to make this hurt; he was not blowing smoke here. The strop rose and fell at tremendous speed. It cracked into the soft flesh exactly where Hank had intended. He congratulated himself on a job well done as he watched a wide red mark spread across the old man’s cheeks. A perfect outline of the strop was embedded.

Hank reckoned Dad took the first dozen rather well. The buttocks were expansive and even after twelve lashes not every square inch of flesh had been blistered. Hank landed the next set of strokes across the unblemished areas. Then, he put a couple across the naked thighs. He was delighted to hear Dad’s yelps as the leather cracked home. The thighs always hurt more than the backside; Dad knew that, he had walloped Hank there often enough in the past.

And so it went on. Hank tanned Dad’s backside until it was as red as a cherry; just as the old man had spanked him the night before. Then he added some more for good measure. He was enjoying himself a great deal. Hank might have gone on all night if he hadn’t heard his mother’s car in the driveway. It was time to stop. She couldn’t know about this – it was a guy thing.

Hank and Dad never discussed it again. Not, with each other. The next morning Mr Crosby stopped by at his analyst’s office. The doctor had thought he had seen it all before; and he had, until Hank’s dad showed him the bruises from the night before.

z used after older endart (1)

Picture credit: Endart


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The boy on the train

new story 2

z used domestic white pants window (7)

Joey peered out the window through moist eyes. His bottom was very tender but most of the real pain had gone now. He gingerly caressed his cheeks with his thumbs and the tips of his fingers. It set the pain off again. Through his thin, cotton shorts he could feel the flesh was like leather. The room was spinning and he had to hold on to a chair to stop from fainting to the floor.

It started two weeks earlier when Joey was on a train going home. He had visited Museum of Philately alone. It was the afternoon and the carriage was empty except for one boy. He was about the same age as Joey (late teens / early twenties) and Joey thought he looked nice. He had short black hair and Joey reckoned he had to cut it that way because if it grew it would be curly and wild. The boy had a clear, bright open face that seemed to Joey to glow. He was conservatively dressed in black chino trousers and a dark blue top with a hood. He had a cheap, white T-shirt that emphasised his muscular chest.

The boy noticed Joey staring and Joey blushed. He was a shy boy and easily got tongue-tied when speaking to people. He spent a lot of time on his own and didn’t know how to talk to strangers. The boy smiled at Joey and straight away he relaxed. He couldn’t put his finger on it but there was something almost magical about the boy. It was that glow that he radiated. Before Joey knew it the boy had started a conversation.

They spoke easily, almost as if they had known each other for years. When they reached Brocklehurst the boy suggested they had a coffee at the station buffet. They did and the boy asked Joey lots of questions about himself: where did he work? where did he live? Did he have family? Joey really liked the boy and was beside himself with delight when he suggested they meet up for coffee again.

It was at their third meeting that Joey told the boy that he was troubled. He was so confident that the boy would understand. He had this problem, Joey said. He thought he didn’t like girls and that worried him. Joey said he was afraid that he liked boys instead. He said he sometimes had these weird dreams. Joey had never told a living soul about this but he was not surprised that he told the boy. The boy was special. Joey knew the boy would understand.

And he did. The boy told Joey so. “I understand,” he said. “I was a bit like that myself.” Joey was overwhelmed with relief. Here was a boy he really liked who felt just the same as he did. Suddenly, it felt as if a great weight had been lifted from his shoulders.

The boy smiled sympathetically and said, “I was like that until I started going to the House of the Sacred Light . They really helped me to get over it. You should come too,” the boy said, radiating a beatific smile, “I could take you.”

Joey was uncertain. House of the Sacred Light; he thought it sounded like one of those churches darkies attended to yell and holler and speak in tongues. “No,” the boy giggled when Joey told him this, “it’s nothing like that. Come, you’ll love it.”

By this time Joey trusted the boy. He was the only friend Joey had. If he thought about it (which he didn’t) Joey would say he was the only friend he had ever had. The boy was the only person who understood his problem.

The House of the Sacred Light sounded like it should be housed in a cathedral a hundred feet high and made of stained glass but it turned out to be a single-storey prefab-type building hidden away just off the town centre. And the people there were not at all happy-clappy, in fact they were mostly very serious (dour even) older folk. The boy told Joey not to be put off by this, “They really know,” he told Joey rather enigmatically. It was at his third visit to the House that Joey found out what he meant.

They were very careful not to call what Joey had a “sin” and they did not call themselves “therapists”, but they did say that the way Joey felt was wrong and they could “cure” him – but only if he wanted them to: “no pressure,” they said. The boy told Joey it really worked. “Trust me,” the boy said and he flashed his beatific smile which made Joey’s heart skip.

They set up a group of four men from the House (including the boy) and they listened to Joey. He told them everything and everybody listened quietly and politely. Then, one of the men, who seemed to be a leader, said what needed to happen next. It seemed to Joey that all of them except himself already knew what was coming.

When they told him, he was very confused. Then, the boy explained it again and Joey thought it must be okay then if the boy said so.

“So,” the leader said quietly. He hardly ever spoke above a whisper. He was an elderly man and Joey knew nothing about him but he thought he looked respectable like an old-fashioned schoolmaster or maybe a country parson. “So,” he said, “we should do it now, don’t you think?” he peered through thick-lensed glasses at Joey. He was saying, “It’s up to you son. Only if you want to.”

Joey felt his face flushing bright red. He had never been asked such a question before. He looked across at the boy for reassurance and when he received the beatific smile he knew everything was going to be fine. Even so he couldn’t quite get the words out of his mouth and so merely nodded his agreement.

“Let’s get on with it then shall we?” the leader said and immediately the boy got off his chair and walked across the rather bare room to a beat-up cupboard attached to a wall. While he was doing this the other three all moved their chairs so they were against the wall and then they sat down again. Joey who by now was very apprehensive watched the boy open the cupboard and reach in. He saw him take out a block of wood. It looked a bit like a bread board his mother had at home, but it was a lot smaller.

The boy saw Joey’s confused look and smiled. “It’s a paddle,” he said. He held it up so Joey could see more clearly. It was a rectangle of wood about the size of a paperback book and it had a handle at one end. The boy gripped the handle and gently tapped the blade end into the palm of his left hand. It was hot in the room but even so Joey shivered when he saw this. His heartrate sped up and at the same time all the saliva in his mouth seemed to dry.

The boy went back to his chair and sat down. He looked over at Joey and said, “What you need to do now is take down your trousers.” He didn’t smile now but Joey knew he could trust the boy. The boy was his friend. Joey was a bit confused but he did as he was asked. It was a warm day and he wore polyester leisure trousers which had elastic at the waist. All he had to do was to pinch them at the hips and guide them down. He didn’t notice the three men lean forwards in their chairs when he did this.

Now, he was standing in front of the boy wearing only a white t-shirt and very short boxer shorts that weren’t really much bigger than ordinary briefs. “Bend over my lap,” the boy said and he separated his legs to make a platform. Joey’s eyes blinked uncontrollably as the boy’s knees parted. He felt sweat pour through his long hair. He was so moist he had to wipe his forehead with the back of his hand. The boy tapped his knee to encourage Joey to bend over. Joey had never done anything like this before and he wasn’t too certain what to do. The boy must have read his mind because he smiled and reached out and took Joey’s left wrist. “Here, like this,” the boy said as both gently and firmly he pulled Joey forward. Joey had quickly to put out his hands in front of him because he thought he was going to crash into the floor but the boy had a good hold of him and he landed gently.

“Move a bit more forward,” the boy said and he continued to give instructions until Joey had his palms flat out on cheap, plastic tiles. His legs dangled behind him so his feet were off the ground. In this position his head was low and his bottom high over the boy’s right thigh. Joey felt a movement in the boy’s body. He flinched when he realised what was happening. The boy took the end of his t-shirt and gently pushed it up Joey’s back so there was now a lot of bare flesh. Then (and this made Joey shudder) the boy ever so gently rubbed the palm of his hand across Joey’s buttocks. Joey hardly felt a thing but out of the corner of his eye he noticed the man who was the group’s leader had almost toppled from his chair because he was leaning too far forward.

The boy was smoothing wrinkles out of Joey’s shorts. They were really tiny and they fitted Joey’s buttocks snugly. The boy left it so the shorts actually lifted and separated each cheek. He had given himself a beautiful target. The next thing the boy did was to put his left arm across Joey’s body around the middle so he had a firm hold of his waist. Like this Joey was pinned down. He was over the boy’s knee at such an angle that he couldn’t wriggle free and escape – even if he wanted to.

The boy didn’t say anything, he just tapped the wooden paddle against Joey’s left buttock and then against the right one. Then there was a terrific crack as the wood pounded Joey’s cotton-covered bottom. It landed dead centre of the left cheek and the noise it made echoed around the small room. It was a moment or two later that Joey felt the burn. It was like the boy had tried to iron Joey’s shorts with him still inside.  The pain was like nothing he had felt before. He opened his mouth and let out a long hiss. Ssssssssssss! He wriggled his waist but of course the boy had a firm grip and Joey was trapped. All he could do was keep looking down at the dirty, grey tiles and wait for the next swat.

It wasn’t long in coming. This one landed in the middle of the right cheek. Now it seemed to Joey that his whole bum was on fire. The boy went back to the left cheek and walloped it a little lower then he went to the right one. He kept up a steady rhythm, one cheek, then the other, and in no time at all every inch of Joey’s buttocks was scorched. Because Joey’s shorts were so small and the cotton so thin the boy could see exactly where each swat was landing. This helped him make sure first of all that he got Joey everywhere; from the top of the globes, over the crests and into the underside where the cheeks meet the thighs. The second thing the boy could do was to decide where he would swat Joey to create maximum pain. This meant he could choose to land a new swat on an area that was already throbbing.

Joey did not know what had hit him. His legs flailed, his hips and waist wriggled, he lifted his head and shook it up and down and from side to side. He gasped and then he yelped and before long he was crying full-throated yells. All this just seemed to spur the boy on. Joey wasn’t counting the number of whacks and it wasn’t sure whether the boy was either; it seemed to go on forever.

At last the boy let up and Joey was left gasping for breath. The boy still held him tightly so he had to keep staring down at the floor while his body started to recover. His buttocks pulsated and his temples throbbed, he had no spit in his mouth and he seemed to be making gentle mewing sounds, like a little lamb who had lost its mother.

After a while the boy let go of Joey and said he could stand up. As he was doing this the three men who had been watching hurriedly left the room. When Joey and the boy were left together the boy smiled that smile and told Joey this was just the start. It would take a while, but it would be worth it in the end. Then, he too left the room.

Joey bent double so his head was almost between his knees, the pain was dreadful. He rubbed his bum for a bit and then bent down again. The room seemed to be spinning and he couldn’t work out what was going on. He was very light-headed and he remembered that one time when he was drunk and he felt a bit like that, except this time was somehow better. But, he didn’t know how.

He needed air, so he staggered across the room to the window.


Picture credit: Unknown

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We need to talk about Jake

new story 2

zused otk paddle jake story spankingstraightboysdotcom

Wayne and Sharon Grimethorpe were watching Newsnight on television in the front room of their terraced house in Brocklehurst. “Jake’s late again,” Sharon said to her husband. He didn’t hear her. He was too engrossed in an item about the birching of juvenile delinquents at the new Short, Sharp Shock detention centres. They were going to put them on YouTube to prove to taxpayers they were getting value for money.

Sharon sighed, “I said Jake’s late again. That’s the third time this month.”

“Fourth, actually,” Wayne was paying attention now. Newsnight had moved on to an item about budget cuts for regional theatres.

“Well, you know what you’ll have to do when he comes in. He knows what time curfew is.”

“Yes, I know,” Wayne hesitated and then said, “It’s not like it’s the first time.”

“No,” Sharon said with great irritation, “It’s not. You know you’ll have to spank him when he gets in don’t you.”

“Yes, I know. The paddle’s in the drawer.”

Jake was their twenty-year-old son.

They watched the television some more. Wayne had a question he wanted to ask his wife. A difficult question. Probably an embarrassing question. He didn’t know how to ask it. They didn’t talk much. Not to each other. They never had really. Wayne wriggled his buttocks on the sofa; movement hid his embarrassment.

“Yes,” he said. “He knows he has to be home by half-ten. That’s the curfew. If he’s late he gets spanked. That’s the rule.” Sharon stretched her legs. Why was her husband telling her things she already knew? “So?” she didn’t try to hide her annoyance.

Wayne cowered. “Well, it’s just …” He couldn’t find the words to finish his sentence. The silence was far from comfortable. Sharon glowered, “What is it! Tell me what you want to say.” Wayne knew he was blushing, deep to his roots. Inwardly, he cursed himself for bringing up the subject.

“This spanking lark,” he said. “Does it work?” He turned his head to avoid his wife’s glare. “I mean four times this month.”

“Maybe you’re not doing it properly,” she retorted. She thought Wayne was a wimp. He should wallop Jake properly, that’d put an end to it. Wayne’s mouth opened and closed but no words came. That’s unfair, he thought. He had watched several of the instructional videos online. They were very explicit. He had purchased a heavy, square wooden paddle. One of the authorised ones stamped with the approval of the Department of Juvenile Corrections.

“What does Mike from across the road do?” his wife did not intend to stay silent on the matter.

“He got one of those tawses,” Wayne felt more confident when talking about other people. “You know those leather things with the two tails. He’s hung it on a hook in the passage. It’s the first thing you see when you go in the house.”

“And does he use it?” his wife was determined to find fault in her husband. “Does he spank David four times a month?”

“No, he says he’s never had to use it. David’s as good as gold.”

“Well bully for him,” Sharon snorted. She envied her colleagues at work and the neighbours who had no discipline trouble with their kids, even the older ones. They knew how to control them, not like her poor excuse for a husband.

“Maybe you need to be more assertive. Whack Jake a bit harder or something,” she peered across the tiny room at her husband.

Wayne frowned. Why couldn’t he pluck up the courage to tell her what he was thinking? “I do everything I’m supposed to,” he said defensively. “Like they say in the videos. You’ve seen them,” he added trying to get his wife to share some of the blame for their failure. “I tell him what he’s done wrong. Then I send him upstairs to change into his pyjamas. When he comes down again I tell him to bend over my knee. Then, I whack him on the you-know-where with the paddle. Hard,” his eyes narrowed as if he were concentrating, “Very hard. Lots of times.” He sighed, “What more am I supposed to do?”

His wife picked up the remote control and flicked through channels: two-hundred-and-seventy-five and nothing worth watching. “Well,” she said, “It’s not doing much good is it?”

At that moment they heard the sound of a key in the front door. “He’s here at last,” Sharon threw the remote onto the settee and stood up. “I’ll leave you to it,” she said leaving the room. Wayne heard her voice in the passage, “Late again! Your father’s waiting for you.”

Wayne scratched his head and rose from his chair, “What time do you call this?” he growled as his son entered the room. The boy shrugged his shoulders, peered across the room at a clock and replied, “Eleven-fifteen.”

“Don’t get smart with me, you know what I mean.”

Jake, stood unconcerned. He was late. He’d missed curfew. There was no mystery about what would happen next. He had seen it all before.

“You missed curfew,” his father said, stating the obvious. Jake stood watching his father’s complexion gradually darken. Jake thought Dad was no great intellectual; he rarely had much of interest to say. Tonight would be no different. Or, so he supposed.

Wayne was flustered. How he wished he had asked his wife that burning question. He told his son something else he already knew, “That’s four times this month.” It didn’t occur to Wayne to ask where the boy had been. Who was he with? What were they doing?

“Sorry, Dad,” Jake told his father, but the tone of his voice suggested otherwise. He had been late that evening, he would be late again. Sorry had nothing to do with it.

Wayne was flustered, he stood hopping from one foot to another, gripped by indecision. What was he to do about Jake?

“Dad, shall I go upstairs and get changed into my pyjamas?”

Wayne’s jaw dropped. His heart missed a beat with fear. The nerve of the boy. Who did he think he was? What did he think he was doing? There were so many questions and Wayne had none of the answers.

“No!” Wayne said with more authority than he actually felt. “No. Not this time. Just stay where you are.”

Jake hid his puzzlement well. What was going on? Dad always had his routine. Get changed into pyjamas, come downstairs, bend over his knee. Get a sound paddling. It was always like that. He watched as his father moved to a sideboard and opened a drawer. Jake relaxed. He knew what was happening now. Dad was going for the paddle. They were back on track.

It was a small paddle, it had been especially designed and endorsed by the Department of Juvenile Corrections to be used at close quarters. It was no bigger than a table tennis bat and about three centimetres thick. It was constructed of hard wood with a small handle at one end. It was recommended for over-the-knee spankings. Jake could testified to its effectiveness.

Wayne gripped the paddle tightly and brandished it at his son. He had an idea. There would be change tonight. He would do things differently. He needed an answer to his question. Please God! he thought, let it be the right one.

Jake’s eyes followed the paddle. Sweat moistened his brow and his round, open face flushed. He always went like this when Dad was getting ready to spank him. Dad picked up a small chair and plonked it down in a space by the window. This confirmed to Jake that a spanking was imminent.

“No pyjamas this time,” Dad croaked. His mouth was dry so he poked his tongue out and ran the tip around his lips. It didn’t do much good. Jake had also gone dry. That usually happened, he wasn’t worried. Dad sat on the chair. It looked like Dad was ready for business. “Take down your trousers.”

Jake’s eyes glistened. Take down my trousers. His heart skipped a beat. This wasn’t how it usually went. What was Dad up to? “B-b-but,” he started a protest but Dad cut him short. “Just get on with it. It’s late we should both be in bed.”

Jake was surprised how much his hand shook as he undid his belt. He was entering unchartered territory. Dad was a creature of habit. This wasn’t how he spanked. What was different this time? Why had he changed?

With the belt loosened, Jake popped the button on the waist of his jeans, pulled the zipper and with his hands helped them fall to his knees. Then he placed the hands in front of his crutch. His boxers were tight and he was afraid Dad might see the outline of his cock and balls.

“Bend over my knee,” it was not a confident command. Wayne’s question had still to be answered. Jake shuffled a step and stood to his Dad’s right. He had been here before, he knew the drill. He was back on familiar territory. He gauged the distance between himself and Dad’s knees and slowly lowered himself down. He used Dad’s thighs as a ledge to hold on to as he manoeuvred himself into position. As was his custom he placed the palms of his hands flat against the floor and kept his knees straight behind him. Doing this left his bottom pointing up at an angle and his crotch pressing into Dad’s thigh.

Jake was about the same height as his Dad and suited the over-the-knee position. His bottom made a terrific target for Dad’s paddle. The bum itself was round and fleshy. Like so many boys of his age Jake could benefit from time in the gym. Jake felt his Dad’s arm take him around the waist and his body tensed. Soon he would feel the paddle caress the peaks of his mounds as Dad found his aim. Then the first whack would burn into his buttocks. Jake closed his eyes.

That’s how it always was. That’s how his Dad spanked him. Not this time. Dad rested the paddle on Jake’s back. Jake’s eyes opened. What was this? Dad had taken hold of the waistband of the pants. “Nooooo! Dad,” Jake wailed. It was an involuntary act. He hadn’t planned to protest. “Be quiet!” Dad scolded as he tugged the thin cotton shorts over Jake’s plump behind. “There: let the dog see the rabbit.” He left the underwear bunched at Jake’s thighs.

“No!!!” the twenty-year-old repeated the protest to no avail. The paddle pounded first his left cheek, then the right. Jake’s buttocks clenched tight as the burning began. The paddle flew across the naked bottom at great speed and Dad pulverised his son. In no time its outline was embossed as deep-pink rectangles across the whole target area.

Jake wailed. It was the surprise of it all as much as the pain. Dad always spanked with vitality; that’s what the instructional videos said to do. It’s punishment. Make it hurt, that’s the point. Deter them from future misbehaviour. The bare-bottomed paddling hurt – a lot! – but not much more than it did when applied across the thin cottoned seat of his pyjamas. Jake realised he was frightened (close to real terror) of being naked from the waist down in front of his Dad. Oh the humiliation!

This was a first for Dad as well. He had never seen at close hand the effects of the paddle. The scorched flesh and the vivid welts caused by its edge were intense. He admired the way the paddle sank into the flesh on Jake’s bottom. And the way it wobbled as he withdrew it to lift it high so he could crash it down again. The video instructor would be proud of him.

He whacked another half dozen swats. There wasn’t a square-centimetre that didn’t throb red hot. Jake (as he always did) lay across his knee, almost impassively. His eyes were closed tight, his mouth opened from time to time to allow air to hiss through his lips. The spanking hurt, Dad was certain of that but Jake seemed to have a high pain threshold.

But now the teenager was wriggling and writhing across his knee. His body was heaving up and down. Jake covered his face with his hands. Was he crying? If so, it would be the first time. “No. No.” Jake was moaning softly. “Noooooo.”

Dad stopped paddling with a jolt. A warm gooey liquid was spreading across his thigh. “What the ….!” He exclaimed and with great dread released the grip on his son’s waist. Jake took his chance. He scrambled off Dad’s knee, jerked his pants back to their rightful place and with jeans still at his ankles he stumbled from the room.

Wayne sat still. Exhausted. His heart beat so fast he felt blood rush to his ears. The liquid soaking his own jeans was starting to solidify. The stench was appalling. Then he realised. He jumped from the chair and skipped from foot to foot as if in some way that would clean his trousers. He felt sick. He bent double as vomit flew to the back of his throat. He needed the toilet. Too late, no time. Instead he bounced off the walls and into the kitchen. He leaned across the sink and retched up the contents of his stomach.

Minutes later after he had peeled off his jeans and stuffed them in the washing machine he opened the fridge and found a beer. He needed something stronger, but this would have to do. He downed half a bottle in one swig. He felt no better. What was he to do? What should he tell his wife? What did the future hold? There were so many more questions to ask now that he knew the answer to why spankings did not improve Jake’s behaviour.



Picture credit: spanking straight boys dot com

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The Junior Salesman

used drawing cane hold (4)

The Junior Salesman and other workplace whackings

THE TWENTY-YEAR-old junior salesman slowly unclasped his belt and unbuttoned his trousers. He pushed them over his hips and let go. From there they slithered slowly down his legs.

A breeze from the nearby open window brushed against his naked legs as he awaited the next command.

Tyler looked over at his boss; in his hands was a wicked-looking school cane, around three feet in length and with a curved handle.  Mr. Davenport’s huge grin exposed his decaying teeth as he tapped a pointon the floor in front of him with the cane, “Please bend over and touch your toes.”

 The Junior Salesman and other workplace whackings is another collection of my stories published in book form. It runs for more than 19,000 words and has many illustrations. You should be able to read it on your lap top or e-book reader.

Click on the link below to download it free-of-charge.


Picture credit: Unknown


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Wiping the slate clean

new story 2

zused paddle otk pants domestic bbfc (2)

I was on a downward spiral, totally out of control, about to crash and burn. Everything I did or touched turned to dust. I had no hope left. Before long I would be in the gutter, my life in ruins. Or even worse, they’d be scooping my dead body off a pavement. Then, Uncle Gavin came along and helped me to wipe the slate clean.

My Dad died when I was thirteen. I’m not blaming him for what happened next, I’m just trying to put it into context. He had a heart attack and was gone. Mum was devastated, but I’m not blaming her either. I have no excuses, I know that now.  It was down to me. I have learnt to take responsibility for my actions; Uncle Gavin taught me that.

Dad left us well provided, so mine isn’t a story a story of depravation, of a boy reduced to abject poverty. Mum had her job working in an office for the Council. We were pretty well off. There was only me and her. We didn’t go without.

I don’t know if I’m a bright lad or not. I never applied myself at school. I wasn’t interested, so I never worked. I know you’re going to say, “You must have been interested in something,” and you’d be right. I should have made the effort, but I didn’t. Some would ask, “Isn’t it the job of teachers to make kids interested in learning?” I don’t blame them, looking back I can see they tried. Some of them very hard.

So, I left school at sixteen with no qualifications. I drifted a bit and ended up bouncing from one job to another. I flipped burgers for a while, put leaflets around the doors for a double-glazing firm, and delivered pizza on a bike. I couldn’t keep any of them. Mostly I got bored and didn’t turn up for work and before long they “let me go,” which is modern-speak for “sacked me.” I resented them at the time, said they didn’t understand me. Said they should give a man his “space.” I was talking bollocks, of course. I know that now, thanks to Uncle Gavin. What “space” did I need? What was I going to do when I got it?

I ended up at the Tesco supermarket, working unloading trucks and filling shelves. That went well and I sort of enjoyed it. There were lots of lads like myself, just having a laugh and getting away with as much as we could. We spent more energy skiving work than we ever put into our jobs. A few of us would steal bottles of booze and in the evening take them over to the waste ground and get pissed. I was also smoking a lot of dope at the time. I was out of my head more often than not.

We got caught thieving the booze eventually. I now can see I was dead lucky. They could have got the police onto us and taken us to court. We were bang to rights, we’d get community service or something, I suppose. We would have just laughed, but it would mean a criminal record.

It broke Mum’s heart. Me a thief. I didn’t care. Long before that I had stopped doing what she told me. I still lived at home but I came and went as I liked. She stopped cooking for me in the end, I missed so many meals.

It was about this time, I was sweet eighteen, that I was hurtling on that downward spiral I told you about. Then, Uncle Gavin came into my life. Uncle Gavin is Mum’s brother. I didn’t see much of him as I was growing up as he worked abroad a lot. He was a teacher and he worked in Africa for years, but I don’t know why he had to come home.

Now, he was back he found out about me. Mum told him everything, I suppose, especially about how upset she was. That was when Uncle Gavin took charge. I’m surprised I let him. Why would I care what old people thought of me and my mates? He told me he knew all about me and my kind. He wasn’t angry. He didn’t put me down at all. He just said he was an “educator” and he knew about these things. I didn’t have a clue what an “educator” was but it turns out it’s a teacher. Not only a teacher, you know somebody who teaches you a subject like maths or geography, he was into the whole growth of the young person. Well, something like that.

He was very friendly with me. I can’t say we were actually “friends”, we didn’t go drinking together or smoke weed. But, he didn’t put me down at all. He said he wanted to “understand” what I was feeling. He said he wanted to help me. It sounded like bollocks.

But, it wasn’t. The first thing that happened was he said I should think carefully about what I wanted in life. He was very insistent it should be what I wanted, not anybody else. Then, I had to make a plan that would get me from where I was to where I wanted to be. He called in a “roadmap”. He said I had to take responsibility for my actions. I had to take control of my life.

He was so persuasive that I soon came round to the idea. He said I should write down a list of what he called “objectives”; when I had done that I should plan how to achieve them. He said it might take some time – years even – but to take it one step at a time.

I realised it wasn’t bollocks after all. I liked the idea. Uncle Gavin said it would be a good idea if I moved out of home. It would give me a rest from Mum and would give me some of that space I talked about. He said I could move in with him. He has a huge house in some place called Brocklehurst, which is a small town. He had plenty of room for me. He said it would get me out of my “environment” and bad influences. I could make a fresh start.

So I packed a couple of bags and away I went. Uncle found me a job. It was filling shelves. He didn’t tell them I had form for thieving. He said he trusted me not to do it again. He said I was a “good lad”, which I knew wasn’t true. I suppose he was trying to be kind.

He set me down to make that list of objectives. It was hard work. I had always moaned that I was bored and couldn’t find things to interest me. Uncle Gavin gave me some help. I decided I should try to go to college. I should try to get a trade of some sort – a plumber or electrician maybe.

Uncle Gavin reminded me I should take it one step at a time. He said I still had to learn some basics about life. He said he knew a lot about this, him being an “educator” and all. He told me I might be eighteen but I was far from being an adult. I couldn’t be an “adult” until I had learned self-discipline.  It was all about taking responsibilities for my actions. He said he could help me with this.

By now I liked Uncle Gavin. I could see he had my best interests at heart. I knew if I did what he told me I could turn my life around. I trusted him. Shortly after I moved in with him and I started on my list of “objectives” he said to me that in the school where he taught he had a way to encourage better behaviour in pupils. He said it worked a treat. Unfortunately, he told me, those ways were no longer fashionable in this country.

I didn’t understand him. Oh, he said to me, it’s quite simple. You have a set of rules. You keep to them and everything is hunky-dory (whatever that means). You don’t stick to them, you get punished. I understood that all right. It was what he did next that threw me. We were in the living room and he went over to a drawer in a sideboard and took out a block of wood. It was dark brown and polished to a shine. It was a rectangle with a handle at one end. I must have looked puzzled because he said, “It’s a paddle. It’s what we used at the school.”

I’d never seen such a thing before but I got what he was talking about when he said, “It’s for spanking.” He held it by the handle and tapped it against his open left palm. It looked pretty heavy from where I stood. “Do you understand what I mean?” he asked. I must have coloured up and got a bit tongue-tied because I couldn’t say anything. “Do you?” he asked again.

Then he answered his own question. “You set your objectives, we agree them. You work hard to meet them,” he looked thoughtfully at the paddle in his hand, “that’s fine. You don’t then ..” he smacked it into his palm. I remember the thwack it made against the flesh.

I can’t really explain what I thought about it. I’m not very good with words, but somehow what he was saying made sense. Work hard, get rewarded. Don’t, get punished. We talked about it and because I trusted Uncle Gavin and reckoned he had my best interests at heart we agreed that’s how we’d go.

“Good,” he said, and I knew he was genuinely pleased. “You are a good lad,” he said and then hesitated, “No,” he said, “You can be a good lad, but you haven’t been very good up to now, have you?” I knew he was talking about my stealing, not keeping a job, giving Mum a hard time. “No,” I agreed, “I haven’t.”

“D’you know what?” he said, it wasn’t really a question, “You need to atone for you past.” I didn’t know what “atone” meant and I said so. I could ask Uncle Gavin anything. “You need to be punished for your past misdeeds.” I suppose I looked unsure so he said, “That way you wipe the slate clean. Start with a new beginning.” He didn’t say, “Turn over a new leaf,” but I got his drift.

He picked up the paddle and stared down at it. “I want you to take down your trousers,” he sat down in a chair, “and then come and bend across my knee.” He gripped the paddle in his right fist. “You need to be spanked. You do understand that, don’t you?”

Again, I can’t find the words I need. Spanked. I need to be spanked. Until that day it had never entered my mind that I needed to be spanked. Uncle Gavin must have known I would be a bit dumbfounded. He said, “It will hurt a very great deal. That is the point. But you will have atoned and after you will feel very much better. Put your past behind you. Look to the future.”

Uncle Gavin was very convincing. I did want a better, brighter tomorrow. I trusted him to help me find it. If he said I needed to be spanked, then who could argue? “Take down your trousers,” he said. His voice was coming from miles away. I don’t know what came over me. It seemed the most natural thing in the world. An eighteen-year-old in need of discipline, taking down his trousers before bending over his uncle’s knee for a sound spanking with a paddle.

I remember I was wearing sweatpants and they had elastic at the waist so I just gripped hold of them and tugged them down. They bunched up at the knees. It was a warm day and I only wore a t-shirt. “Come and bend over my knee,” Uncle Gavin spoke softly; he didn’t bark an order. He wasn’t forcing me to do anything I didn’t want. I was some distance from him and with the sweats now slipping down my shins I had to waddle like a penguin across the room.

I stood a little to his right and looked down. Uncle was in jeans and a t-shirt as well. He parted his legs a little bit. He didn’t say anything at this point but I understood this was to give me a platform to drape my body over. I had never been spanked (obviously) so I was travelling on instinct. I looked down at Uncle’s lap and placing both hands on his knee I leaned forward and lowered myself down. “Put your arms in front of you. Palms on the floor. I don’t want you trying to reach back.” I followed his instructions. My legs took care of themselves and stretched behind me. My toes didn’t quite reach the floor. I couldn’t see but it felt like my bum was pointing up at an angle over Uncle Gavin’s thigh. I must have been in a perfect position because Uncle took hold of me around the waist with his left hand and began to rub the paddle over my bum.

My pants were tight and had ridden up my crack; they fitted me like a second skin. I lay in position waiting. I remember I was perfectly calm. There was no fuss. Uncle Gavin had not manhandled me across his knee. There had been no dispute, no unseemly fight. I had submitted to him. He had explained why I needed to be spanked and I agreed. Of course, I didn’t know then how much a spanking on the underpants with a paddle would hurt. If I did I might not have been so calm.

I soon found out. Uncle Gavin patted my bottom with the paddle. He took aim at the underside of the cheeks where, I suppose, there was most padding (my bum was pert and hard in those days). He lifted the wood and smacked it down with tremendous force. It knocked all the air out of me. I gasped with shock. I had no time to recover before a second, third and fourth swat pounded into my bum. My legs flailed and my body twisted left and right. It looked like I was trying to swim off his lap. Uncle Gavin gripped my waist tighter and began to take my arse off with that paddle.

I have no other words to describe it. The pain was intense. Each thwack into the stretched flesh felt as if he had pressed Mum’s hot iron into me. My bum was on fire. Uncle Gavin had promised me a severe spanking and that was what he gave. My groans and gasps turned to sobs. I was never openly crying, not bawling like a kid, but my eyes were flooded by the time he let me up.

I have no idea how long he spanked me for. Looking back, I don’t suppose it was more than a minute or two: to me it felt like hours. At last he stopped. He released his grip on my body and I slithered from his knees onto the floor. I was winded, but in seconds I had scrambled to my feet and tugged my sweats up. The agony in my bum was easing into a hard throbbing; soon it would become a warm glow. It would hurt to sit down for hours.

“Come here,” Uncle Gavin was still seated in the chair. He opened his arms to me and I stepped into them. He hugged my tightly. “Good boy,” he whispered. “Now, go to your room and think about the bright future we can create together.”


Picture credit: British Boys Fetish Club

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