The disgraced prefect

Worthington stood before his housemaster in the dark luxurious study, his hand deep into his trouser pocket. He was the senior prefect in the House and quite used to being called in to see Mr Whitbread; often late in the evening after ‘lights out’ and the juniors were safely in bed. This evening, he supposed, … Continue reading The disgraced prefect

Justin learns a valuable lesson

I cannot believe you. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve had to tell you. What is the matter with you? You are a disgrace. Your aunt is in floods of tears. I cannot believe what you have said to her. You need to learn some manners lad. You’re not a schoolboy any … Continue reading Justin learns a valuable lesson

Suddenly awoken

Hal woke with a start. He found himself sitting up in bed, his bottom still tingling. What had roused him? His dick throbbed and he shuddered with shame. Not again? He reached his hand inside the fly of his pyjama bottoms. The top of his cock was wet but still rigid. Quickly, he explored himself … Continue reading Suddenly awoken

University bully

  Hundreds of academics have been accused of bullying colleagues in the past five years, prompting concerns that a culture of harassment and intimidation is thriving in Britain’s leading universities. – Genuine news story “Bend over.” You stare dumbfounded, “Excuse me?” “I said bend over.” “I don’t understand.” “What part of ‘bend over’ don’t you … Continue reading University bully

A brush with Uncle Herbert

“Right lad, this is what’s going to happen,” it was Uncle Herbert speaking to me, “You are going to come and stand there,” he snapped his fingers and pointed to a spot just to the right of where he sat, “You are going to take down your trousers and bend across my knee.” My incomprehension … Continue reading A brush with Uncle Herbert

Skipping night class

The public bar of The Three Fishers was not too busy. Frank and his neighbour Andy liked it that way. When it was crowded you couldn’t hear yourself talk. They didn’t usually drink on a Wednesday night but their wives were out on a “hen night” with the girls, and well, while the cats’ are … Continue reading Skipping night class

Bring back the cane

Scenes we’d like to see (or wishful thinking)   The staff lounge of Albion Academy was quiet, it was lunchtime and most of teachers were in classrooms working their way through piles of paperwork. Monthly assessments were due. Mr Whitfield, merely months away from his pension was not one of them. He sat in a … Continue reading Bring back the cane


Wilf Hepplewhite took his latchkey and opened the door of his house. He stood in the hallway for a moment. His ears pricked. There was a faint, but unmistakable sound coming from the lounge. Someone was in the room. Carefully, so that he could not be heard, he closed the door. He put down his … Continue reading Restrictions

Changed Times – the compilation

  Readers in the United Kingdom don’t need me to tell them that arguments about leaving the European Union have been raging for more than three years and don’t seem to be resolved yet. Many people who voted to leave the EU (it seemed to me) wanted to return to sometime in the past when … Continue reading Changed Times – the compilation

Strictly no alcohol

Trent and Alex were in the students’ union bar finishing their second pint of the evening. “I’m going to make this the last one,” Trent said. “Then I have to be off home.” His friend wrinkled his nose, “But it’s early yet, it’s not even nine.” “I know, but I’ve got to go,” he sipped … Continue reading Strictly no alcohol