Birching in school hall

Adapted from stories in The Magnet   The hushed school hall was packed with boys. Every fellow of every form was there, from sixth-form seniors down to fags of the second form. The prefects were in their places, canes under their arms: the masters, with grave faces: the hapless culprit, quiet and subdued, but with … Continue reading Birching in school hall

A housemaster muses

Without doubt the most annoying thing about being housemaster at a boarding school is I am never off duty. There is not a moment of the day I can truly call my own. By the nature of my work I have responsibility for a house full of schoolboys. During the day I am one of … Continue reading A housemaster muses

Porterhouse at St. Tom’s

Please come in, sorry you caught me making some notes for a story I’m writing. It’s about something that happened last evening. As you know I’m the head boy here at St. Tom’s school and that means one of my duties is to keep discipline among the boys here. Usually, that means punishing the younger … Continue reading Porterhouse at St. Tom’s

Smoking on the bus

I don’t often travel on the bus in the afternoon, but this day I had to leave work early for an urgent dental appointment. How is it that one small tooth can cause a grown man so much pain? The bus was crowded – the schools had just let out – and I was obliged … Continue reading Smoking on the bus

Waiting …

The Headmaster’s a sadistic old so-and-so. He makes you wait, standing, nose inches from the wall. He does it every time. Waiting. What for? I know it’ll be the cane. I’ve been here before. Many times. It’ll be on the bare for sure, this time. I can’t see him, but I can sense that he’s … Continue reading Waiting …

Rory and Alistair Ep 2. The Junior Schoolmaster

Rory and Alistair could never conform to boarding school life. The eighteen year olds were oddities at Willadong Academy. They were required to dress like juniors and would remain in short trousers until the day they left school. They had one other characteristic that distinguished them: they were madly in lust with one another. Alexander … Continue reading Rory and Alistair Ep 2. The Junior Schoolmaster

My Friend Justin

“What did I say would happen if you scored a B+ in your English essay? What did I say?” “Spanking. You said you’d give me a spanking.” “Yes, and that’s exactly what I’m going to do.” Justin was the best friend anyone could ever have. We were eighteen years old at the time and had … Continue reading My Friend Justin

The Gaffer of The Academy 1: Beginnings

All we schoolboys despised The Gaffer: from the very first time he joined The Academy to take over as Head of Sixth Form. And, the loathing quickly turned to hatred when he demonstrated he could beat our backsides black and blue whenever he felt the need. He was an ugly squat man and some of … Continue reading The Gaffer of The Academy 1: Beginnings

My Drunken Nephew

  “What that boy needs is a damn good spanking!” That’s what the Police Constable said to me as he delivered my eighteen-year-old nephew drunk as a skunk to my doorstep the other week. The police officer told me Denny had been out around the town with his mates and they all had a skin … Continue reading My Drunken Nephew

The Sixth-formers

Rodney and Griceforth shuffled down the passageway neither were anxious to arrive at their intended destination. Rodney, dark haired and slim and the smaller of the two eighteen year olds, glanced furtively around him; hoping that nobody would see him. So far, so good; his mission had not yet been detected. Griceforth, taller and thicker … Continue reading The Sixth-formers