Caning for England

Mr Higginbottom lived in a small coastal town in England. The year was 2016, but inside his head it was the 1940s. Or, it was how he fondly imagined the 1940s to be, because Mr Higginbottom had not himself experienced those times, having been born in 1975. He tried hard to ignore modern times. There … Continue reading Caning for England

The domestic service agreement

Mickey thought he had landed on his feet when he moved into his new house-share. The advert had said there was a possibility of reduced rent if he was willing to undertake domestic chores. That suited him fine. He had just graduated university and was hoping to go to grad school. He didn’t have much … Continue reading The domestic service agreement

Changed Times 3. The police station

A glimpse into the near future Episode 1 Episode 2 Chief Inspector Brown slid open the inspection grill to the cell and looked in. He wrinkled his nose with disgust. The combined stench of beer, sweat, and he was certain a drop of urine, hit him. The repulsive young man was stretched out on a … Continue reading Changed Times 3. The police station

Peeping Tom

Tom Devenish could not believe his luck. He was coming back from the football pitch where he had completed thirty laps on his own. He did it every day to keep his fitness levels high. He was on the fringes of securing a place in the school football team. He lived for his football. He … Continue reading Peeping Tom

Summer at uncle’s

  This blogsite reached its first anniversary this week and to celebrate here’s a special full length story.   PETER, AN EIGHTEEN-YEAR-OLD from a small town, stays with Uncle Barnabas in London for the summer. The country boy soon learns the wicked ways of the city as he is introduced into the world of corporal … Continue reading Summer at uncle’s

Changed times 2: Neighbourhood watch

  Changed Times 1: A glimpse into the near future is here Mr Scroggins contemplated the two teenagers who stood before him. The young people today, he sneered silently. The two boys shuffled from foot to foot, heads bowed. If they had dared look up Mr Scroggins would have seen the terror in their eyes. … Continue reading Changed times 2: Neighbourhood watch

The hotel room

Jonjo strode up the hotel steps clutching his carrier bag. He eased his pace a little to ensure the automatic door really did open. Then, head down and not looking to left or right, he crossed the lobby heading for the familiar elevators. One was ready and waiting. He got in and punched number fifteen. … Continue reading The hotel room

Yank at English school gets ‘six of the best’

I very much admired young Macey’s pluck. He took a full headmaster’s six-of-the-best. I was there, I witnessed it and I know he did not have to submit himself to the cane. He might be American, but he was a young gentleman. Macey was a new addition to our sixth-form. He was an exchange student … Continue reading Yank at English school gets ‘six of the best’

Changed times 1: A glimpse into the near future

Kenny Hawkins slipped on his new blazer and admired his reflection in the mirror. Pale-grey trousers, gleaming white shirt, striped tie, shiny black shoes. It looked exactly like his old school uniform. But, not quite. Only the badge on the blazer pocket was different. It showed the logo of Global Petroleum, the company that would … Continue reading Changed times 1: A glimpse into the near future

The Tyrant Headmaster 5: Back in short trousers

Previous stories from The Tyrant Headmaster The Boy in The Bar here. A new beginning  here. The prefects’ reckoning here. Smoking on Saturday here.   The steam train chugged along the branch line on its way to town. Aboard making their daily journey from the villages were thirty-two boys heading for St Septimus Independent Grammar … Continue reading The Tyrant Headmaster 5: Back in short trousers