The milk bottle thief

James Danvers left his home at six-thirty on the dot every morning. His house was unexceptional in every way, just one more suburban box in a street composed of identical suburban boxes. His journey to the newsagent took about five minutes.  He bought a copy of the Daily Express and then he walked home again. … Continue reading The milk bottle thief

The military kid

Nicholas Pierce was out of control. He needed to be reined in. Someone would surely get killed if he wasn’t stopped. Joan and Pete Willis looked out of their bedroom window to the suburban street below. Parked outside the house opposite was a brand new sports car with its nearside light caved in and a … Continue reading The military kid

Hey neighbour! – the compilation

One of my favourite story themes is the ‘neighbour’ – the fellow next door or along the street who is only too willing to lend a hand (or some suitable implement) to put across the backside of some wayward young man. Some years back I wrote  three-part series called The Helpful Neighbour. If you missed … Continue reading Hey neighbour! – the compilation

Back on the straight-and-narrow

When I was in my mid- to late-teens my head was so messed up I was in danger of going right off the rails. I carried so much guilt around with me it’s a wonder my head didn’t explode. In my view of myself I could never do anything right. It was building up inside … Continue reading Back on the straight-and-narrow

Noisy neighbour

I’m not particularly proud of what I did, but I’m not ashamed either. I never planned it. It just happened on the spur of the moment. If I’d thought about it beforehand I know I’d never have done it. I’m far too timid a man. I could try to blame the drink, but I’ll make … Continue reading Noisy neighbour

The drunken neighbour

It was at least nine o’clock at night, but it was still light. I was standing at the bedroom window and I watched him stagger down the street. He was drunk. Or on drugs. He lurched against my front gate leant over the low fence and vomited into my flowerbed. He was the boy from … Continue reading The drunken neighbour

Will life imitate art?

Mr and Mrs Pettit thought they had found the perfect solution to their problem. It was so simple really. What could possibly go wrong? They thanked their lucky stars. Now, they just had to convince their son Ant. The thing was Mr Pettit had been promoted by his company to become a regional director. He … Continue reading Will life imitate art?

All in the Family. Tales of Domestic discipline

“What that boy needs is a damn good spanking.” It was a policeman speaking about my drunken nephew. He was right, of course. But the police can’t use corporal punishment. So it is up to the family to instil discipline. These tales demonstrate that up and down the land fathers, uncles, granddad’s – and even … Continue reading All in the Family. Tales of Domestic discipline

The kid across the hall

Arnold opened the front door to his apartment and gestured his friend Tony to come in. “What’s all that bloody noise?” Tony winced as he closed the door behind him. “You can even hear it in here.” “It’s the kid across the hall. He’s always playing that music too loud.” “What kid?” “He’s on holiday … Continue reading The kid across the hall

That Connor Kid

“War..warr’s going on?” Lars Alexanderson woke from his sleep with a start. “What time is it?” From the street outside his bedroom music was blaring rock-stadium loud. “What is it?” His wife Ingrid was awake now. “It’s that goddam Connor kid. What time is it?” Ingrid switched on the bedside lamp. “Nearly two o’clock. This … Continue reading That Connor Kid