Changed Times 8. Just another day

  Click here for all episodes of Changed Times   Mr. Burton heaved a heavy sigh and glared at the three young men standing in front of his desk. Won’t they ever learn? The law had been in place for three years, they knew the rules – and the penalty for breaking them. Osbourne, Rowe … Continue reading Changed Times 8. Just another day

Mr. Bashford takes charge

  “I hope you’ve learnt your lesson young man,” Mr. Bashford growled as he sat back in his chair to admire his handiwork.  Robert stood before him, jeans and underpants at his shins, gently patting his glowing buttocks. “Just you stand like that, until I say you may go. Think about your behaviour,” he watched … Continue reading Mr. Bashford takes charge

The smoking schoolboy

“You’d better not let Perkins catch you smoking. You know what he said. It’ll be a swishing,” Templeton groaned. Baxter, leaned back in the study armchair, drew on his cigarette and sucked the smoke into his lungs before holding it there. Then, very slowly he exhaled noisily. Templeton was not impressed. He sniffed the fug … Continue reading The smoking schoolboy

The boy in the kitchen

Mr. Wagstaff tucked into his breakfast of egg, bacon, sausage, fried bread, tomatoes, baked beans and a huge mug of tea. He glanced up from his morning newspaper towards the boy at the stove. Totally naked, except for an apron protecting his privates from hot, spitting fat. He had a terrific arse. Mr. Wagstaff would … Continue reading The boy in the kitchen

Bible College

“Each of you take down your jeans and your underwear and bend yourselves across my desk.” Rev. Paisley tapped the wooden paddle into the palm of his hand and watched intently as Jackson and Manning fumbled with belt buckles. Avoiding each other’s’ eyes, the two students slipped the jeans to their thighs. Gravity took the … Continue reading Bible College

Watch out for her brothers!

Gwyn Jones was twenty years old and there was one thing he knew for certain; girls gagged for sex just as much as boys. And, Gwyn was very happy to take as much as they would give. He even went with the plainer girls, happy to help out a damsel in distress. Gwyn didn’t have … Continue reading Watch out for her brothers!


Danny only had a split-second to decide. Should he drive off to Maureen’s Peak with the sexy stranger and shag him senseless, or should he return the car to dad on time as he had promised. It was a no-brainer. He opened the car door and let him in. He would face the consequences with … Continue reading Breath-taking

The Hardly Boys and the case of the blistered buttocks

  Joe Hardly stretched his arms and looked across the den at his elder brother Frank. “I’m bored,” he faked a yawn, “We haven’t busted any crime in ages.” Just as well, Frank thought, after the whopping their dad had given them last time. “You want another whipping?” he asked. Frank rubbed the palm of … Continue reading The Hardly Boys and the case of the blistered buttocks

The boy in the front row

I am quite alone. The door is locked from the outside, it will not be opened until morning. Soon the light will go out, plunging me into darkness. My eyes are awash, but tears are not yet falling. Someone seems to have put my temples in a vice. Let me try to explain what is … Continue reading The boy in the front row

The Tyrant Headmaster 8. The student master

For all the previous episodes of The Tyrant Teacher, click here Steve May slowly closed the door to the study behind him. He stood blinking the tears. Tears of humiliation; tears of pain. His backside throbbed like crazy. A minute or two earlier it had been intense agony, but it was easing a little. It … Continue reading The Tyrant Headmaster 8. The student master