Suddenly one summer

The house was deserted and so it seemed was the entire street. The middle of the day in the middle of the week in the middle of summer in the middle of suburbia. Not a soul stirred. I was bored out of my skull. I had finished school and was waiting for my exam results. … Continue reading Suddenly one summer

The casting couch

An acting student wants a break into the movies but must be prepared to do anything to get it   I know that to succeed as a television actor I have to make one or two sacrifices, but I don’t expect them to be at the expense of my dignity and my ass. An international … Continue reading The casting couch

The unexpected phone call

Mr Cartwright gently replaced the handset into the cradle and sat silently staring at the telephone on his desk. He had every right to be furious; nobody in their right mind would complain if he were spitting mad. Who could blame him? But, rather than anger he felt  deep sense of serenity. He was calm, … Continue reading The unexpected phone call

When Dad got home

I wait in my blue striped pyjamas for my father to come home from work. I have been bad-mouthing my mother all day long and now I must pay for it. Eighteen years old or no, I am going to get one heck of a spanking. I lay on my bed for seven o’clock to … Continue reading When Dad got home

Football star taken down a peg

Mrs Taylor spread the newspapers across the kitchen table; all of them, the posh broadsheets as well as the tabloids. “He’s on all the sports pages,” she gasped to her husband, her face glowing with pride. “Course, he is,” Mr Taylor stood by the doorway surveying the headlines from a distance. “It’s what we worked … Continue reading Football star taken down a peg

One hot summer afternoon

Simon Harmer glanced out of the bedroom window. It was hot and humid. The weather was about to break; a thunderstorm was coming. He was in deep trouble with his dad. The old man was downstairs preparing himself. Soon, within minutes probably, he would burst through the door. Intent on doing his duty. It would … Continue reading One hot summer afternoon

You, over the knee for the paddle from Pop

You stand in the front room of your home, it is a broiling hot day and sweat runs down your back. The room is airless, even though all the windows are as wide open as they can be. The weather is oppressive and it isn’t quite nine in the morning. You are wearing nothing but … Continue reading You, over the knee for the paddle from Pop

The apprentices

Anders Schmidt’s heart raced, he re-entered the figures on the spreadsheet, double clicked the mouse and waited for it to update. Sweat was moistening his brow and it was not only because the air-conditioning in the room was not working. In a second the computer screen flickered. Schmidt did not have to look; he already … Continue reading The apprentices

Missing petty cash

Mrs Douglas was in a terrible state. She had checked the cashbox twice. She had gone through all the receipts. She had doublechecked the register. She had added everything up twice. She even got Julie from the typing pool to check her sums. There was no doubt about it – money was missing. It could … Continue reading Missing petty cash

The drunken neighbour

It was at least nine o’clock at night, but it was still light. I was standing at the bedroom window and I watched him stagger down the street. He was drunk. Or on drugs. He lurched against my front gate leant over the low fence and vomited into my flowerbed. He was the boy from … Continue reading The drunken neighbour