The Executive Assistant

Kingsley Brocas-Burrows stared down glumly at the desk. His buttocks ached on the hard chair. He spent most of his working day at a desk such as this. It was empty at the moment. The sun was rapidly disappearing and soon the office would be so gloomy he would need to switch the lights on. … Continue reading The Executive Assistant

Two cousins in need of spanking

“Doh! Pah! Bah!” Bill Briggs was exasperated, “They’re like a couple of little kids,” he sipped on his hot coffee and flapped his hand at his brother Ben. “What they need is a damn good spanking. Mine is definitely going over my knee.” Ben flushed, unable to hide his embarrassment. He sipped thoughtfully at his … Continue reading Two cousins in need of spanking

Coffee morning

“Welcome, Christine, how are you?,” Madge Axford opened the front door wider allowing her neighbour into the house. “So glad you could come at short notice.” She beamed and turned towards the back room. Christine Blanderford stopped in her tracks, her face flushed, her hand raised automatically to cover it. “Oh my,” she gasped. Madge … Continue reading Coffee morning

The cigarette box

Sanderson bounced down the narrow passageway, feet slipping, shoulders hitting first one wall and then the next. He had to get away. Nobody must see him. Not in the state he was. If he rushed he could get to his study in time. Undetected. Victory. He gripped the handle of the heavy door, it stuck … Continue reading The cigarette box

A startling conversation

Tom peered across at his roommate stretched out on the bed opposite. “Have you ever been spanked?” Jake stared up at the swirling ceiling, “What do you mean?” “What do I mean? Spanked.” “What like …” he trailed off, unable to think of an example. “Like, come here you naughty boy, bend over my knee. … Continue reading A startling conversation

You reap what you sow

In my younger and more vulnerable days my Dad would tell me you reap what you sow. Oftentimes he said this as he unbuckled his heavy wide leather belt from his trousers. I was nineteen years old the last time he tanned my bare behind with that strap. Soon after that I finally moved out … Continue reading You reap what you sow

This is for your own good

I stood feet slightly apart, hands clasped behind my back and watched morosely as the headmaster shuffled across his study. He paused at a hat stand. It contained no hats, nor coats. Instead a single curve-handled whippy rattan school cane dangled. He coughed slightly before stretching up his right arm to unhook it. I took … Continue reading This is for your own good

Pub talk

“I don’t know what to do, I’m at my wit’s end really I am,” Tony stared down into his half full glass of lager. “It’s that bloody kid of mine.” “What Shane?” his pal munched on a potato crisp. “No the older one, Dwayne,” Tony sipped his tepid drink and wiped his mouth with the … Continue reading Pub talk

Get to bed! I’ll be up to see you later

Get to bed. There’s no supper for you tonight. I’ll be up to see you later. How many times did I hear those words growing up? Way too many, that’s how many. I must have had a hole in my head. I never learned. I was about twenty the last time Dad made one of … Continue reading Get to bed! I’ll be up to see you later

The New Coach

“What in the name of glory just happened!!” Eleven young men carried on stripping off their kits. The post-match banter flew around the changing room. “I’m talking to you boys!” Louder. Angrier. Voices quietened. Silence at last. “So answer me? Who wants to tell me what just happened?” The boys shuffled nervously. Embarrassed. “Gillingwater!” The … Continue reading The New Coach