An early morning call

It started with a knock on the front door at six in the morning. John Aldermaster had already been up for an hour, seventy-five year olds didn’t need much sleep. He shuffled towards the door. His hip was bad and giving much pain. Another knock, more urgent this time. “Police. Open up please.” His arthritic … Continue reading An early morning call

The boy in the tree

Ricky was the perfect teen. He had just graduated high school top of his class and was waiting to go on to an Ivy League university. He was an avid church attender and believed everything the elders said. He was helpful around the house and to neighbours. He wasn’t into “digging” Elvis Presley like his … Continue reading The boy in the tree

Running in their pants

“Oh, the young scamps. They deserve to have their bottoms spanked.” “Colonel, they are nineteen years old. They are too old to be considered ‘scamps.’” “Oh, you take it too seriously vicar. It was just a bit of boyish fun. Take their trousers down, put them across your knee and redden their bums with your … Continue reading Running in their pants

Secret in the loft

Blake and Nigel stood at the entrance to the garage and peered inside. The light was not good but they could see clear enough that everything was neat and tidy. Mr Mandelson was eighty-two. He had recently been taken to Brocklehurst Nursing Home: he wouldn’t be coming back. His granddaughter had asked them to look … Continue reading Secret in the loft

The thieving nephew

Zachary’s uncle sat in a straight-backed chair, a belt hanging limply from his hand. His aunt stood by his side, arms folded across her bosom. The old man’s face was set firm. Determined. His intention was clear. He was going to spank Zachary’s backside. Zachary blinked, bewildered. He was twenty-two years old. The young man’s … Continue reading The thieving nephew

Old Dud and the wrought iron gate

Mr Dudley glowered at the schoolroom full of sixth-form pupils. Somebody was whispering. He could hear but he could not see. The sound appeared to be coming from somewhere near the back. He peered through rounded eye glasses; his side whiskers bristled. Important examinations were due, the boys should be studying hard, not engaging in … Continue reading Old Dud and the wrought iron gate

Love Our Lurkers

Hi Guys There are now getting on for a quarter of a million views on the blog since it started fifteen months ago. And I love you all. Even though I’ve never (knowingly) met any of you and hardly any of you leaves me messages. I’m flattered by your interest. I must be doing something … Continue reading Love Our Lurkers

Changed times 5. At home

A glimpse into the near future. Episode 1 is here. George turned over and pulled the duvet closer to his body. It was eleven in the morning – far too early for the eighteen-year-old to get out of bed. Gently, he reached with his right hand and caressed his bare buttocks. The pain had gone … Continue reading Changed times 5. At home

Rhodesian days

I received the most unexpected email last week Tuesday. A chap was inquiring if I am the Charles Hamilton II. It threw me at first. Could there possibly be another? Well, of course there could be. I am “the second” after all. What he meant was am I the Charles Hamilton II who taught at … Continue reading Rhodesian days

My landlord’s slipper

I should have known there was something odd about Mr Harris the first time I met him. It was the huge carpet slipper sitting on the coffee table. I was in my second year at university and needed somewhere to live. The uni sent me to Mr Harris. He had been taking in students for … Continue reading My landlord’s slipper