BOOK. The Junior Salesman

The Junior Salesman and other workplace whackings THE TWENTY-YEAR-old junior salesman slowly unclasped his belt and unbuttoned his trousers. He pushed them over his hips and let go. From there they slithered slowly down his legs. A breeze from the nearby open window brushed against his naked legs as he awaited the next command. Tyler … Continue reading BOOK. The Junior Salesman

Letter of Regret

45 The Avenue Brocklehurst   Dear Mr. Lesame, I am writing to you to say sorry about breaking the window in your greenhouse with my cricket ball. I know you told us many times not to play cricket outside your house but we ignored you. After you told my Dad he was very cross with … Continue reading Letter of Regret

Book. The St Francis Independent Grammar School stories

  In this free-of-charge book offering we revisit St Francis Independent Grammar School. St FIGS is a traditional school – traditional curriculum; traditional sports; traditional uniform and traditional discipline. We meet John Allison, eighteen years old and a new boy at school, as he discovers just what that means. The thwack of the cane against … Continue reading Book. The St Francis Independent Grammar School stories

Fake News #4

Court Sentences Rude Son to Caning EXCLUSIVE Brocklehurst Bugle A disrespectful young man was given a painful reminder to mind his manners when talking to his mother when Brocklehurst Magistrates’ sentenced him to six strokes of the cane on the bare buttocks. The court heard how rude 24-year-old Lawrence Jarosy, visited his mother’s house in … Continue reading Fake News #4

Book. Paul and his Landlord

Paul and His Landlord – and other troublesome tenants Young men who are away from the parental home, often for the first time, are apt to stray from the straight and narrow. How lucky that responsible adults in the shape of landlords are on hand to show them the error of their ways, even if … Continue reading Book. Paul and his Landlord

Book. The Swish of the Rattan

The swish of the rattan   I see from the statistics that WordPress churn out all the time that the most popular search term from visitors to this site is “Cane”. The second is “Bare” (you naughty boys!). So, I thought as a special treat for lovers of the swish of the whippy rattan rod I … Continue reading Book. The Swish of the Rattan

My house. My rules

Marcus lays flat on his back on his lumpy single mattress admiring his refection in the full-length mirror in the corner of the room. The air is cool, but it is not cold. He pulls the bottom of his white t-shirt up to his chest so he can fondle his flat, hairless stomach. He slips … Continue reading My house. My rules

Book. The Private Tutor

The Private Tutor What can fathers do when their sons fail their school exams because they spend too much time out with girlfriends, clubbing and playing in a rock band? Call for The Private Tutor. Using traditional educational approaches, he will soon lick them into shape. The whippy rattan cane, the taws, the paddle and … Continue reading Book. The Private Tutor

I remember like it was yesterday

It happened fifty years ago, but I remember like it was yesterday. If I take a moment I could probably give you the exact date. I know the exact time: 4 pm. It was early June 1967, classes at school had finished and we were about to take our A-level exams. I had only been … Continue reading I remember like it was yesterday

Book: All in The Family

All in the family. Tales of domestic discipline “What that boy needs is a damn good spanking.” It was a policeman speaking about my drunken nephew. He was right, of course. But the police can’t use corporal punishment. So it is up to the family to instil discipline. These tales demonstrate that up and down … Continue reading Book: All in The Family