Untidy bathroom

Terry must have thought I was joking when I said I would spank his backside if he continued to leave the bathroom in a mess: because he did it again. I was hurrying to get ready in the morning, the way you do, and had to step in puddles of water on the bathroom floor, … Continue reading Untidy bathroom

The man across the hall

The party was jumping; the music blaring, the vodka flowing, the air was thick with dope. Kenny was staggering around holding on to his friends to stay upright. The night was a success and soon everyone would get laid. Kenny’s parents were away on holiday and as the saying goes: while the cat’s away. He … Continue reading The man across the hall

The pub visit

It was six o’clock in the evening as Jim and his friends from work settled down for their second pint of beer in the pub. He glanced at the clock behind the bar; it was getting dangerously late. If Jim wasn’t careful his father would arrive home first and discover the young man was not … Continue reading The pub visit

The fire-raiser

My dad only ever spanked me once, and I was eighteen years old when he did it. And, you bet I deserved it. Looking back at it now, I’m shocked at my own behaviour. We lived in a small council flat in inner London and I could easily have burnt the place down and the … Continue reading The fire-raiser

Never too old

“Stand up straight boy.” “Take your hands out of your pocket.” “Take that look off your face.” I wasn’t used to this. Usually, when a boy stood on the carpet facing my desk, he was contrite. “Yes sir. No sir. Three bags full sir.” But, not this boy Rawlinson; he was as cocky as they … Continue reading Never too old

Murph in the headmaster’s study

Murph was bent over the desk, awaiting his fate. He had been told to grip the far edge of the desk, so he was stretched across it. His school blazer, shirt and white vest had ridden up his back. His grey school trousers and white Y-fronts were down at his ankles. Getting into position meant … Continue reading Murph in the headmaster’s study

What a disappointment!

No sixth-former had ever been caned at my school, so I made history that day. Actually, hardly anyone had been caned in living memory – it was a “progressive” school and I had thought corporal punishment had been abolished a long time ago. But, as I was to find out it had only fallen into … Continue reading What a disappointment!

University student late for class

“If you are late for class again, I shall take down your trousers, put you across my knee and spank you on your underpants.” “Excuse me?” the twenty-three-year old university student, blushed to his roots. Around him his classmates tried to suppress giggles. “You heard, me,” Dr Anderson snarled, “I shall take you across my … Continue reading University student late for class

Rules of the house

Joe Winterbottom was a middle-aged divorced man and he enjoyed a comfortable life in the suburbs; until his idle, disobedient, waste of space son, came to live with him. Joe was happy to be divorced and even happier when his son Martin went to live with his mother. She could keep him, as far as … Continue reading Rules of the house

Housemaster’s double caning

“Da Silva in here now,” I heard the order barked out knowing my time had come, so I opened the door and entered the lion’s den. I had been summoned to this room many times before. Nothing had changed since my last visit: a large bookcase stretched across the wall in front of me. To … Continue reading Housemaster’s double caning