Important information

This site contains fictional stories relating to male to male corporal punishment and spanking. All characters in the stories are aged 18 years or over.

Any resemblance to persons alive or dead is coincidental.

The site is intended for readers aged 18 or over.


A new story is uploaded every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

17 thoughts on “Important information

  1. Thanks for the stories love reading those about corpral punishment I enjoy the cane just as all time fantacy I only wish is to be bent over once again for six of the best and to be spanked.otk is there any where I can go to recive the cane from a headmaster


  2. I would like to meet up with you and let you spank my bare bottom I’ve never been caned before would it be painful and would you take my pants down to do it would I have to let you put your penis in my bottom after and would that hurt


  3. Great stories on this site…
    I’ve always had a keen interest on being caned by a no nonsense headmaster type…I’ve had a few sessions with a male top and found them invigorating but painful
    Always nice to read CP themed stories where the cane was the law and bottoms suffered it’s whippy wrath!


  4. Ohh I’ve just read this thread
    And I’ve come over all unnecessary…all this talk of fat bottoms being caned!!!
    Shame on you…and where does this all take place lol!!


  5. I have always fantasized about a naked spanking on a stage in a public auditorium. The punishment administered with a hairbrush by an older man. Then required to stand at the exit, hands on head, as the departing audience members admire and comment on my rosy red shapely ass and pretty bare feet.


  6. It’s nice to see a few CP enthusiasts still flying the flag for spanking fun.
    Admittedly it is not always an easy task meeting with fellow spankos…whether it be locational or travel difficulties or shyness!
    At least we have these wonderfully naughty tales
    God bless your spanky souls
    Best wishes Chubs


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