Room mate from hell

I’ve never got on with my housemate and I don’t suppose I ever will – even after this. After what I just did. I can hardly believe it. I’m not sure I want to talk about it. We’ve been together in this house for six months since the New Year. Sebastian is nineteen years old … Continue reading Room mate from hell

New boy at St CIGS

Richard Rae was petrified by his new school, everything about it scared him senseless. It was a living nightmare. Sometimes he thought he must have died and gone to hell. Richard was eighteen and in the sixth form. His family had just moved to town after dad was promoted to bank manager. Richard knew nobody … Continue reading New boy at St CIGS

Skipping school to watch football

Dai Griffiths pushed open the door of the pub. It was heaving inside. There was not even standing room. It was close to two in the afternoon; the match was about to start. He pushed his way through a group of young men dressed in Wales football strips. All around him there were dragon banners. … Continue reading Skipping school to watch football

All letters answered

Frustrated genuine schoolmaster with traditional views on discipline invites naughty schoolboy to report to his study for firm correction. Uniform provided. All letters answered Mr Wainwright’s hand shook slightly as he placed the sheet of paper in the envelope, he could scarcely summon up enough spit to seal it. He would post the advert on … Continue reading All letters answered

Collection of Spanking Stories

Collection of Spanking Stories Here’s another free-to-download book containing a selection of 15 of my favourite male-on-male spanking stories. It has some of my earliest writings and I hope there’s something for every taste from military, judicial, dad-and-son, the vicar, my best friend and many more besides. All characters are aged 18 or over. The … Continue reading Collection of Spanking Stories

The night porter

Arthur wasn’t fit enough to scale the high wall; he knew that, and the beer he had drunk that night wasn’t making it any easier. But, he had no choice. He was late back to College and had missed “gating”: the formal locking-up of the university for the night. He wasn’t the only student in … Continue reading The night porter

The perils of ‘scrumping’

When I was eighteen or so my pal Andy and me were a right pair of tearaways, but our dads knew that the sting of the cane across our backsides – even at our ages – was the best deterrent to a life of thuggery and crime. They wouldn’t think twice about ordering us across … Continue reading The perils of ‘scrumping’

Charles Hamilton II’s Picture Album

Charles Hamilton II’s Picture Album Before you can start to write a story, you must have an idea. Oftentimes, I get my ideas by looking at pictures I have found on the Internet. Where possible, I like to find an image that has no obvious connection with discipline and try to create a scene. This … Continue reading Charles Hamilton II’s Picture Album

Room 203 at the motel

The motel receptionist sat in a chair on the porch in front of his office, dozing. It was a fine summer’s evening and there were still three hours left on his shift. Business was slow; hardly one in three of the rooms were occupied lately. He sat back watching room 203 on the second floor. … Continue reading Room 203 at the motel

Tempted by short shorts

It was 1964 and the hottest summer in living memory and the days when boys wore their shorts so short and so snugly they were hardly much longer than underwear. Reg Smith, part-time church leader and full-time provider of groceries to the God-fearing community of Brocklehurst, knew all about short shorts on older teenage boys. … Continue reading Tempted by short shorts