The noisy brat

When Mrs Watkins our new neighbour asked me to turn down my music because it disturbed her I pumped up the volume to eleven. That showed her!  Her face creased and she rushed into her house distressed. I flipped the bird while her back was turned. Who does she think she is! Telling me what … Continue reading The noisy brat

The boy in the tree

Ricky was the perfect teen. He had just graduated high school top of his class and was waiting to go on to an Ivy League university. He was an avid church attender and believed everything the elders said. He was helpful around the house and to neighbours. He wasn’t into “digging” Elvis Presley like his … Continue reading The boy in the tree

Revenge of the Old Boy

The place hadn’t changed. There was no reason to suppose it ever would. The building had a special kind of nastiness – red brick, green paint, mud-coloured corridors that never got enough light. A school like many others across the country. Except this one had delusions. A grammar dressed up as an elite ‘public school’. … Continue reading Revenge of the Old Boy

Illicit drinking buddies

“So what do we do with the two of them?” “Well, my one’s getting a hard spanking that’s for sure?” “Spanking? But they’re both eighteen. They’re too old for spanking, surely?” “The Church says they are not adults until they are twenty-one. And, as long as Jacob lives in my house, he abides by Church … Continue reading Illicit drinking buddies

Old Dud and the wrought iron gate

Mr Dudley glowered at the schoolroom full of sixth-form pupils. Somebody was whispering. He could hear but he could not see. The sound appeared to be coming from somewhere near the back. He peered through rounded eye glasses; his side whiskers bristled. Important examinations were due, the boys should be studying hard, not engaging in … Continue reading Old Dud and the wrought iron gate

In for a penny, in for a pound

“Hi George,” Charlie greeted his pal across the busy bar of the Three Fishers. “You here for the club night?” “Of course, I never miss the Whacko! Club. How are things?” His pal set off on a monologue of the happenings in his mundane life. But George wasn’t listening. He had noticed four muscular young … Continue reading In for a penny, in for a pound

Visit to Uncle Roy

Roy Denning was very “old school” and “school” was the appropriate word, because he kept three authentic swishy rattan school canes in a drawer in the kitchen and he wasn’t afraid to use them. He knew they were authentic because they had the words “Birmingham Education” inscribed on them near the curved handle. A schoolmaster … Continue reading Visit to Uncle Roy

Max of ‘The Champion’ 5. The town boss

Max, a nineteen-year-old junior newspaper reporter, exposed a rural policeman who unlawfully spanked young men. (Read story here). Max did this by tricking the policeman into spanking him on the bare bottom with a hairbrush. But, the experience opened up a part of the teenager he never knew existed and later that day he found … Continue reading Max of ‘The Champion’ 5. The town boss

Diary of a boarding school boy, 1965

V. eventful day. Mike, Danny and myself legged it into Brocklehurst this afternoon. It’s Saturday so its half-holiday. We’re allowed into town on our own being sixth-formers. We went to the flicks, although they’re strictly out of bounds. Not sure why, exactly. Perhaps it’s unhealthy, they call it the ‘flea pit’ for a reason. Maybe … Continue reading Diary of a boarding school boy, 1965

The post office thief

Mr Sedgemore pulled his threadbare overcoat tighter around his body as he battled headlong into the wind. A light drizzle was falling and soon his feet would be wet. Unsteadily, he crossed the glistening cobbled street. He would soon be home. His wife would have collected their pensions so they might have the gas fire … Continue reading The post office thief