That Connor Kid

“War..warr’s going on?” Lars Alexanderson woke from his sleep with a start. “What time is it?” From the street outside his bedroom music was blaring rock-stadium loud. “What is it?” His wife Ingrid was awake now. “It’s that goddam Connor kid. What time is it?” Ingrid switched on the bedside lamp. “Nearly two o’clock. This … Continue reading That Connor Kid

Late Home From School

I walk the streets slowly. It is nearly six o’clock and I am late home from school. Dad told me if that happened again he would take me over his knee with my trousers at my ankles and my underpants at my knees. I believe him. It was detention. A few of us were mucking … Continue reading Late Home From School

The Smiling Boy

Archie Louden knew the boy was trouble from the start and it would end in tears. It was all the fault of that infatuated vicar. He had a scheme to help “deprived youngsters” and against his will and his better judgement Archie agreed to let the boy into his home. He could do your cleaning, … Continue reading The Smiling Boy

My Friend Justin

“What did I say would happen if you scored a B+ in your English essay? What did I say?” “Spanking. You said you’d give me a spanking.” “Yes, and that’s exactly what I’m going to do.” Justin was the best friend anyone could ever have. We were eighteen years old at the time and had … Continue reading My Friend Justin

A Double Whammy

The headmaster puffed out his cheeks and frowned. His bushy white eyebrows knotted, he drew in a sharp breath and studied the two pupils standing before him. Duncan Richards and Paul Clarke shuffled their feet nervously as the Old Man jawed them. “You are senior boys. Prefects even. You know the rules. You are expected … Continue reading A Double Whammy

The sling-shot

Jimbo stared out of the bedroom window as the grey cold drizzle ran down the pane. The twelve scolding lines of pain emblazoned across his rear end burned and throbbed. He could hardly believe what he had done. He was in such big trouble. What an idiot he had been. The police could have been … Continue reading The sling-shot

The Skinhead

The first time I saw the boy I said to myself, “I’m having his arse before the summer is over.” He was standing by a brick wall at the block of council flats near where I lived. He wore big boots and jeans rolled so far up his legs they might’ve been shorts. His hair … Continue reading The Skinhead

In the Dead of the Night

Clint Chapman woke up with a start and an aching bladder. If he did not get to a toilet very soon he would have an embarrassing accident. Geoff Dawson lay beside him; breathing heavily; in a deep sleep. This would be tricky, Clint was pinned against the wall; Geoff blocked his way. It was a … Continue reading In the Dead of the Night

The Transformation

Mr Williams was known to his neighbours as a man of habits. He left the house sharp at 08.30 hrs each morning (Monday to Friday inclusive) and walked the short distance to the railway station where he caught the 08.47 hrs to his workplace, returning home on the 17.17 hrs and depending on the efficiency … Continue reading The Transformation

A Sting In The Tail

Federico Hernandez shuffled slowly from the elevator, took a left turn, waited for the automatic doors to slide open and headed at a snail’s pace to the professor’s office. It had seemed like a good idea at first. He had thought it through. It would be painful, for sure. Humiliating definitively. But, if the professor … Continue reading A Sting In The Tail