Neighbourhood Watch Vigilantes

The houses in The Avenue were big, many were sedate Edwardian monstrosities with attics occupied by teenagers or au pairs. Limed oak or pastel-sponged kitchens extended into pretty conservatories, and garages had been converted into home offices or games rooms. Front gardens were well tended, with not an ugly spotted laurel or dull privet to … Continue reading Neighbourhood Watch Vigilantes

Fake News #6

Public spanking after disgusting cafeteria prank Special to Standard-Recorder Students at Mason Creek Community College took revenge on two of their own with a public spanking after they had played a disgusting prank with a salad. Marco  Berkovitz and Raphael Benitez, both aged nineteen, took a small bottle of salad dressing from the college dining … Continue reading Fake News #6

Fake News #1

Juvenile Crime Stats. at Record Low Special to Standard-Recorder Police in Mason Creek have a unique way to cut down on juvenile crime. It is fourteen inches long by three inches wide and made of hard maple. The old fashioned paddle is making a comeback. Police Chief Paddy Callaghan said the small community pop. 1,789 … Continue reading Fake News #1

The wrong pub

Masher stared into the laptop, paused the image and made a screen grab. He had identified six of the lads now. Only one to go. The door to the small airless office opened and Big Boy Bonzo rumbled in. He nodded a perfunctory greeting and eased his considerable bulk into a swivel chair. “That the … Continue reading The wrong pub


A group of them were talking in the pub. The beer was flowing. There was only one topic of conversation. Those bloody kids. The ones who congregated around the bus stop at night. Giving innocent folk grief. “Have you seen the graffiti? The swear words?” “They drink strong cider, then piss it up all over … Continue reading Vigilantes