Step-son home for the holiday

“No, I’m not having him here again for Christmas, not after last year. I don’t want an argument about it.” Martin’s face coloured. It did this when he was angry. Diana knew he meant it. It would take a lot to get him to change his mind. “But he’s my son,” she said. “We can’t … Continue reading Step-son home for the holiday

Stepson submits

Can you picture the situation? A slim eighteen-year-old with a tight bottom is face-down across your knees with his jeans at his ankles. The bottom clothed in tight, dark-blue cotton briefs needs a sound spanking. Jake asks you to pull down the underpants so that the spanking is on the bare bottom. “You are now … Continue reading Stepson submits

Step-dad’s little trick

The postman leaned his bike against the garden fence and pulled a packet from his bag. It had puzzled him all morning. What could it be? It was a peculiar shape: nearly four feet long and four inches wide. It was encased from one end to the other in adhesive parcel tape. It hardly weighed … Continue reading Step-dad’s little trick