A public service

Tony stared into his Smartphone, a double cappuccino cooling by his side. He crossed his legs, glad that they were hidden beneath the table. The door spun open, the wind howled outside. Al walked across the coffee shop, leant towards him and they puckered their lips together. “What are you reading?” “Something from South Africa. … Continue reading A public service

The Tyrant Headmaster 6. The rugby match

St. Septimius Independent Grammar School is going to the dogs. Send for Dr. Fortescue, the Tyrant Headmaster. He knows how to turn a school round. And he intends to start at the very top – with the prefects. Click below to read previous episodes 1 The boy in the bar 2 A new beginning 3 … Continue reading The Tyrant Headmaster 6. The rugby match

The coach and the schoolmaster

Coach Needham missed being able to spank the backsides of his rugby players: it had very nearly won them the league. He hadn’t started it; there was already a tradition at Barnaby Rugby Football Club where the guys would whack the arses of newcomers with a heavy clothes brush. He supposed it was following some … Continue reading The coach and the schoolmaster