The unexpected phone call

Mr Cartwright gently replaced the handset into the cradle and sat silently staring at the telephone on his desk. He had every right to be furious; nobody in their right mind would complain if he were spitting mad. Who could blame him? But, rather than anger he felt  deep sense of serenity. He was calm, … Continue reading The unexpected phone call

Uncle David has a plan

David looked on helplessly. Tears flowed down his kid sister’s face, she sat scrunched up on the couch, shoulders convulsing with sobs. “I don’t know what to do, I don’t know what to do,” she wailed. David turned his back, he couldn’t bare to watch. Snot was flooding down Carol’s face. He paced the small … Continue reading Uncle David has a plan

Craig Misses Curfew

Craig slowly opened the front door, trying desperately not to make a sound. He was in trouble; he knew that. Big trouble. Maybe he could delay the inevitable for a little while yet. “Is that you Craig, come into my study, this instance!” It was Reverend Crick, his landlord, calling. “Drat!” Craig breathed silently. He … Continue reading Craig Misses Curfew

Brian’s redemption

When Mr. Bell told Brian to bend over his chair for a caning he never dreamt in a million years he would do it. But, he learnt that boys know when they have overstepped the mark and need to be punished. Brian was the boy from across the street. “Boy?” he must be nineteen or … Continue reading Brian’s redemption

At the girls’ showers

Bob Brewer was a young man with a problem. Eighteen years old and never been laid. Never even come close. But, now he was living in the halls of residence of Brocklehurst University that would change. He fervently hoped. There were lots of girls around, that was for sure. The halls weren’t segregated. In his … Continue reading At the girls’ showers