Hotel’s strict no-noise policy

The hotel has a strict no-noise after 11 p.m. policy. You know that, there are signs up all over the place. Many of our guests have children or are older people and they don’t appreciate being kept awake at nights by louts like you. I usually have a little speech ready.  It hardly ever changes. … Continue reading Hotel’s strict no-noise policy

Hotel Duty Manager

The duty manager stood at his office window scanning the hotel complex for trouble. It was three days since he had any action and he was getting very tense. Then he saw them. Yes, this would do nicely. Two teenaged boys, obviously English judging by their pale skins, were dancing on the balcony of their … Continue reading Hotel Duty Manager

The hotel room

Jonjo strode up the hotel steps clutching his carrier bag. He eased his pace a little to ensure the automatic door really did open. Then, head down and not looking to left or right, he crossed the lobby heading for the familiar elevators. One was ready and waiting. He got in and punched number fifteen. … Continue reading The hotel room