Cricket captain takes control

There were a group of about eight of us, stretching out and enjoying the sunshine. The cricket match we were watching had adjourned for the tea interval. The gap in play gave us the chance to discuss the latest scandal at the club. The exploits of Carstairs, one of the colts, a man barely turned … Continue reading Cricket captain takes control

The cricketer

He was about twenty years old; I was old enough to be his father. I was the coach at the Brocklehurst Cricket Club Colts – a rather archaic name for the youth team. I was a big cheese at the club on account of my time playing for the county side. It made me a … Continue reading The cricketer

What a jolly jape

“He’s only gone and done it. I can’t believe it, Dougall’s only gone and done it.” Geoff Arkwright’s face fell. Surely, not, he thought, he wouldn’t be so stupid. “He said he would, and by jove he’s true to his word.” Terrence Aspel rushed through the cricket pavilion. His team mates stopped in their tracks. … Continue reading What a jolly jape

The Spanking Vicar 10. The Cricketer

The Spanking Vicar, episode 1 is here Episode 9, The Scout Leader is here   Thwack!! “Ooooow!” Thwack!! “Aaarghh!” Craig padded down the stairs at the vicarage. Thwack!! Thwack!! Muffled yells came from behind the stout study door. Someone was getting it and Craig was pleased that for once it wasn’t he. The nineteen-year-old secretly … Continue reading The Spanking Vicar 10. The Cricketer