The domestic service agreement

Mickey thought he had landed on his feet when he moved into his new house-share. The advert had said there was a possibility of reduced rent if he was willing to undertake domestic chores. That suited him fine. He had just graduated university and was hoping to go to grad school. He didn’t have much … Continue reading The domestic service agreement

Untidy housemates get a shock

When John returned to the house he shared with three other fellows from Robinson’s department store he was in for a surprise. He noticed it the moment he entered the kitchen where he went to make a cup of tea. He couldn’t miss it. The kitchen was quite small and it would be difficult to … Continue reading Untidy housemates get a shock

The housemates

The car pulled up outside the row of shabby terraced houses in the middle of the day. The passenger coughed and spluttered; he felt like crap. Valerie, the driver, turned to him. “Will you be all right Vince?” “I’m fine Val,” he croaked. “It’s probably just the flu. I’ll be back at work tomorrow probably.” … Continue reading The housemates