On vacation ….(BACK 9 MARCH)

I’m off on holiday and enjoying the sights. I’ll be away some time. Wish you were here. Charles   Picture credit: Unknown   Here are some ‘holiday’ stories you might like Summer holiday camp At the Hotel Spanko The hotel swimming pool Hotel’s strict no-noise policy A summer to remember Adventure at Camp Cottage Lazy Students Home for the Hols. The … Continue reading On vacation ….(BACK 9 MARCH)

Summer holiday camp

Tony Addison stepped down from the bus clutching his cardboard suitcase. It was a typical English summer’s day: it would probably rain later. He crossed the road and hesitated under the entrance sign: Hopkins Holiday Camp. He gulped down a lungful of air. Ozone from the sea tickled his nostrils; a gull hovered motionless above … Continue reading Summer holiday camp